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You Decide To Buy A Home…

You need a trusted guide to help you on your home buying journey

You have done your research
But you have more questions than answers. You want to run it by experts.

You hate research
Pouring through maps, analyzing, filling in gaps… not your cup of tea.

You don't have time for research
It takes too long. There’s no guarantee you will get what you seek.

Introducing NextBurb’s Exclusive Concierge Service

5 simple steps to plan your neighborhood search. Powered by a revolutionary search engine.


Tell Us What You Want
Include details on: how you commute, your budget for a home, nearby amenities, school preferences, interests, important locations you frequent, etc. Try It For Free


Nextburb Cherry-picks Your Neighborhoods
Imagine Expert Advisors analyzing results from scores of locations in our proprietary discovery engine, unearthing 3-4 gems, and explaining why these are your best choices. Try It For Free


Connect with Local Experts
Think of pre-vetted, local community experts. Hand-picked agents with years of experience in guiding home buyers just like you. Try It For Free


Scout Places, Taste The Life
Visualize our Local Experts walking you through neighborhoods, sharing first-hand insights and stories, and showing you homes for sale with zero pressure. Try It For Free


Move Into Your Dream Place
Explore more places if you are not happy with the initial set. Select your neighborhood with diligence. Delight in kinship. Live happily. Try It For Free

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What Our Clients Say

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    PAUL S
    Moved from Manhattan to Stamford, CT

    Having spent 10+ years in NY and working in the financial industry, it was natural for me to settle and raise a family here.

    However, the city area being expensive and not suited for raising a family, it was important for me and my wife to explore the suburbs.

    We made a choice to keep one car in our family and so it was important to ensure public transport service from the suburb that we choose.

    NextBurb helped us identify the suburbs that were appropriate for both commute options and also educated us on the schools and places of interest to ensure we are making the right decision for our family.

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    Eric M
    Relocated from San Francisco to Boston

    Boston has so many good suburbs that I was totally confused on how to shortlist them.

    But Nitesh at Nextburb helped me shortlist 5 towns that were best match for my lifestyle and budget. It was like having my own personal data scientist - who would comb through data to find my perfect match. Nextburb gave me piece of mind that I picked the right place to move to.

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    Melissa A
    Relocated from Cambridge, MA to Shrewsbury, MA

    The moment I got a remote job, I was thrilled to buy a house far away from the city.

    But I still preferred to stay around 60-90 minutes in Boston for the love of the city.

    Tried to reach out to real-estate agents to get advice and suggestions but they always had a bias towards the towns where they operated.

    Thankfully I discovered NextBurb and was able to explore everything by myself. 


Save Grief and Years of Regret Only With NexBurb’s Concierge Service

Why not verify your research with our Expert Advisors?
Get reliable data-driven insights before you finalize your neighborhood.

Why waste months on tangled, drive-you-mad research?
Get data scientist led research customized for you.

Why not explore places that match your lifestyle?
Don’t miss out on gems that could serve you better and save you money.

Why bang your head with traditional agents for biased advice?
Our Trusted Advisors will unearth the right communities for you.

Buying a new  soon?

Compare NextBurb with DIY Search & Traditional Agents

Before You Try Our Free Concierge Services

NextBurb’s Concierge ServiceManual Search MethodsTraditional Agents
Data scientists tame information. 
Culled from trusted sources. Then tease it into  a revolutionary engine. You get a holistic, informed view of places.
You spend weeks poring through real estate portals, maps, forums, asking friends….Agents should step in only after you have identified the neighborhoods, not before.
Advisors mine the engine. 
For neighborhood gems that you didn’t know about and which others can’t spot.
Real estate portals require you to search by town name. The best suggestions on the internet are never a great fit for you.Agents know of limited neighborhoods. Besides, they can’t help you with broad metro level searches or with comparing different cities.
Select places that fit your lifestyle.  
Choose from a possible choice of 100s.
Figure this out yourself. You will miss out on ideal choices because of the unstructured search.Agents are more focused on finding the best homes rather than the best neighborhoods..
Get a no-compromise choice. 
With a neighborhood-first approach
You compromise on the best lifestyle fit as you tire of the search.Agents only know limited areas. These need not be ideal for you.
Get unbiased recommendations. 
Tour the place and make informed decisions, without any pressure.
Need to make neighborhood decisions without the benefit of exploring all possible choices. Could miss out on gems.You could be under pressure to make home buying decisions without finalizing neighborhoods. Could be a recipe for mistakes.

Is NextBurb’s Concierge Service For You?

You aren’t sure of a place yet, but want to move.

You wish to move to a healthier environment. You're ready for the suburban plunge.

Explore options

Hmmm… it’s time to lead a more fulfilling life. Leverage WFH opportunities and move to a new city.

You’re in a hurry

You need more space, long walks and lots of quiet. You will move, but later.


You may want to explore work-from-home options. A new city gives you more options. You'll move when you're sure.



  • How And Why Are Nextburb’s Services Free?

    In a typical home transaction, the seller pays all the commissions.

    The seller decides on the amount and how that commission is split.

    When a client buys a home through Nextburb partner agent, they share part of the commission with us. 

    This allows us to offer a great service for FREE to our clients.

    Now, for your understanding, let’s take an example of how this plays out.

    1. Let’s say a seller hires his/her own seller’s agent
    2. The seller agrees to a commission which will be paid to this agent when the deal closes. 
    3. Now, this seller’s agent spreads the word in his/her network of buyer’s agents, and decides how to split the commission he/she receives with the buyer's agent. NextBurb’s partner agents are part of such buyer agent networks. 
    4. When a client buys a home through NextBurb, our partner agent shares part of the commission with Nextburb. This is how we monetize this business.


    You, the buyer, do not shell out a single penny for this service.

  • When’s The Right Time To Choose The Concierge Service?

    The Concierge Service is ideal for work-from-home professionals and families. 

    1. You are in a hurry, with no time for research, or have done some research but still need a trusted partner in your home buying journey.
    2. You have a fast approaching deadline for moving. Say you must move within the next 90-120 days.
    3. If you are keen to explore neighborhood options and get the fit right for your family - this decision is a big deal, after all.
    4. You want to avoid regrets of moving just because you get a good home deal.  What you don’t see are mismatched lifestyles or the right fit with the community
    5. Lastly, when you wish to avoid multiple moves when shifting to a new city.  With NextBurb, you relocate only once and go straight to your dream home.

    Unsure about moving, right now?

    Do check out our Resources  to start your neighborhood research on the right note.

  • How Is Nextburb Different From A Typical Real Estate Firm?

    To begin with, we work only with buyers.

    Unlike real estate agents, we do not have any specific sales targets or any home inventory to push. 

    1. Our priority is to help you find a neighborhood you’ll love, one that fits your interests and profile the best.
    2. We have Advisors who recommend neighborhoods to you based on your unique preferences. 
    3. We will then connect you with experienced agents in the chosen neighborhoods. 
    4. The agents will arrange tours and share rich insights and stories about the locality. Plus show you the homes for sale. 
    5. You then determine the right fit before you make any decision to buy your new home. No pressure.