7 Best Places to Live In the US for Good Quality of Life

7 Best Places to Live In the US for Good Quality of Life | NextBurb

by Team NextBurb 23 December 2021

7 Best Places to Live In the US for Good Quality of Life

Wondering where to live in the United States?

While in comparison to many other nations the US delivers better quality of life, not every state and city within are constant in that aspect. Some pockets in the country trade better in delivering a higher standard of living to the residents.

So, if you’re looking to move to a different city and quality of life is your highest priority, it’s essential to do thorough research to truly find a great place.

Remember, a city, town, or neighborhood won’t be perfect. It may lag in certain areas. It is your responsibility to discover a place that checks the most boxes.

(At NextBurb, this is what we help people with. We have a search engine that lets you gather more data points on different towns and cities in the US. We also offer free neighborhood recommendations, aiding your research process, helping you find best places to live\ in.)

Here is a list of the seven best places to live in United States for good quality of life:

  • 1. The Woodlands, Texas

The Woodlands is a community you will love to live in. It is one of the most affluent master-planned communities in the country. Its highly regarded school district is conducive to learning, and it also has an excellent travel network.

You or your children will be able to easily reach the trails, parks, and other places that make Austin such a great place to live.

As the largest suburb of Houston, there's plenty to do and see in The Woodlands, including some free and fun family-friendly events. This city has been awarded as one of the best cities in America due to its strong education sector, low crime rate, and low cost of living.

Population: 113,819

Per Capita income: $64,430

Median home value: $390,200

Crime Index: 88

Learn more about The Woodlands here

  • 2. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is a unique city with diverse architecture, history, and culture. The capital of Massachusetts, it is home to several colleges and universities. The city's biggest draw is its sports teams.

Tourists, students, and residential populations alike can be found lurking the streets hunched over their smartphones while taking in the sights of Beacon Hill, the Boston Commons, or Faneuil Hall.

Boston combines sophisticated academic and legal communities with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, making it one of the most highly educated and innovative cities in the US.

Population: 679,413

Per Capita income: $44,690

Median home value: $71,115

Crime Index: 108

Learn more about Boston here

  • 3. San Jose, California

With a population of over one million people, San Jose is the most populous city in Northern California. As the state capital, it is known for its abundance of top-notch restaurants, unique shopping experiences, and rich history.

In the winter, San Jose's warmest days still average 60° F, which makes it a fitting location for outdoor activities such as golfing and hiking.

With easy access to public transportation and incredible colleges like Stanford University and San Jose State University, San Jose is a smart choice if you're planning to move to a new city with your family.

Population: 1,026,658

Per Capita income: $46,599

Median home value: $109,593

Crime Index: 96

Learn more about San Jose here

  • 4. Madison, Wisconsin

Madison is gaining newer heights in recent times - economically, culturally, and recreationally. With major employers relocating to the city, great schools for families, plenty of green space, and lots of friendly festivals that celebrate the iconic "City of Four Lakes", Madison is a great place to live in.

Situated along the banks of the beautiful Wisconsin River, Madison is a unique balance of quaint, vibrant city life encircled by the natural beauty of the Midwest.

Madison has a reasonable cost of living and excellent quality of life.

Population: 252,086

Per Capita income: $38,285

Median home value: $65,322

Crime Index: 109

Learn more about Madison here

  • 5. Naples, Florida

Situated on the dazzling white sands of the Gulf Coast, Naples is the ideal place to live in the US due to its low crime rate and incredibly low taxes. With an abundance of luxurious amenities, world-class golf courses, and pristine beaches, Naples has become one of the top spots for retirement in the US.

There are also many activities available to the residents, such as a summer concert series featuring local bands. The local government works hard at making sure that residents feel at home here by offering a variety of classes that caters to any hobby or interest that you might have.

The need to be active, enjoy gardening, walk the dog, or ride a bike on the many trails in the area are common among Naples residents. Taking advantage of these past times, while also being able to enjoy the ocean views is what makes Naples special.

Population: 21,564

Per Capita income: $110,423

Median home value: $107,013

Crime Index: 78

Learn more about Naples here

  • 6. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor offers countless opportunities to enjoy what you love — whether your passion is sports, the arts, music, food, or theater. Downtown boasts two major league sports venues — Hockeytown Café and Ford Field — which are surrounded by intoxicating nightlife and on-the-town living.

Music and comedy can be found at the Ark on Saturdays and evenings at Blind Pig and Blue Canoe. Tech enthusiasts will enjoy Ann Arbor's many computer stores and gaming centers. The city is also home to a bustling art scene.

Ann Arbor is a vibrant college city nestled next to a crystal clear lake. Home to the University of Michigan and a diverse blend of businesses, elected officials, entrepreneurs, and families, it's not difficult to see why this is such a desirable place to live.

Yes, the city has its share of problems like any other large metropolitan area but has an unmistakable economic and civic vitality that makes it special.

Population: 120,641

Per Capita income: $42,674

Median home value: $65,745

Crime Index: 72

Learn more about Ann Arbor here

  • 7. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder, Colorado, has become a well-known health and recreation mecca for people around the country. It offers all the activity you want for your body and mind, as well as the charm of small towns, the best cuisine that the US has to offer, cool mountain air, and untapped natural beauty.

Located in the mountains an hour north of Denver, Boulder has it all... Beautiful scenery, great health-related institutions, plenty of recreational opportunities, and not to mention some of the best farmers’ markets.

Visitors and locals alike find Boulder to be the epitome of the Colorado lifestyle: natural beauty with a booming economy and a host of outdoor recreation opportunities that you're assured to fall in love with.

Population: 107,360

Per Capita income: $44,942

Median home value: $69.520

Crime Index: 112

Learn more about Boulder Colorado here

Other Places to Live in United States for Good Quality of Life

These are seven of the top places to live in US that promise a better standard of living.

Of course, there are several other cities as well that do just as well in terms of quality of life for the residents. Here are some of the other names you should consider:

(Click on the names to learn more about the respective cities, including the population, crime rate, per capita income, median home value, schools, amenities, real estate, and more.)

Where to live in USA?

There are numerous options when it comes to the best places to live in United States if the quality of life is your first priority.

Consider all these options and see which one best fits your needs and expectations.

Remember, “quality of life” could be very subjective for different people. For example, the safest places to live in America could be “quality” for some, while for other people cities with good employment opportunities may mean “quality”.

So, as a first step, define what quality of life means to you. And then do extensive research.

If you need help, connect with NextBurb. We offer free neighborhood recommendations. Let our experts guide you to find a perfect home in the best neighborhood that delivers high quality of life.

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