5 (Surprisingly) Affordable Places to Live in the USA

5 (Surprisingly) Affordable Places to Live in the USA

by Team NextBurb 9 December 2021

5 (Surprisingly) Affordable Places to Live in the USA

The cost of living in the USA is high. But there are exceptions to that!

There are several options that consistently (and surprisingly) rank among the best places to live in the USA based on the cost of living. They might not necessarily be the “cheapest” but they sure are affordable and can provide a good standard of living.

So, if you're looking for cost-effective places to live in America, here are 5 cities you can consider:

1. San Antonio, Texas

A state proud of its bearing and enjoys an unparalleled repute for its raw display of citizenship has emerged as the topmost choice for families inclined to raise their children in an environment thriving with culture and gaiety.

A favorite destination for history buffs, this place is synonymous with natural beauty with every town boasting of natural wonders including lakes, canyons, parks, etc.

Most importantly, housing prices have not risen in the past few years and still are available at around one-tenth of the property prices in major cities.

Medical and educational infrastructure is updated and at par with what you find in the financial capital of the USA.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Think of rejoicing amid the glow and glaze of Las Vegas that stands for showbiz and unlimited fun? One of the best places to live in the United States, Las Vegas is surprisingly affordable if you know the basics of finance and spend management.

While the casinos on every street can prompt you to gamble all your money away, the daily items are affordable.

The cost of everyday expenses is much lower than the national average, thus, saving you money on housing and regular household requirements.

The educational institutions teach subjects in every professional sphere allowing students to be adept and updated as per today’s requirements.

The city’s medical infrastructure attracts patients from other cities too.

3. Cincinnati, Ohio

If you are still unsure of where to live in the USA, come down to Cincinnati that’s brimming with arts, culture and sports. Known for its residents’ love for chili, this city’s first love remains baseball.

Home to the Cincinnati Reds, the country’s first baseball team, this city tops the list when you try to find the best places to live in the US.

The Greek influence lends a distinct effect to the city as opposed to other cities in USA.

In terms of affordability, this city is on every family’s wish list.

Generally considered a safe city, this city is preferred by families with elderly members and young adults.

The city’s low population to city ratio has translated to lots of wide spaces and large farms best suited for people looking to escape their cramped spaces in big cities.

There has been a lot of addition to the city’s medical infrastructure with new hospitals and clinics dotting every corner of the city.

Schools and colleges are abundant, thus, keeping the scope for higher education always open.

4. Memphis, Tennessee

If you are dreaming of a good life, think Memphis. Good food, good life, great people make up the culture of this city that welcomes all people with open arms.

Daily items are pretty affordable, which lowers the cost of living of its residents here.

The cost of living is among the lowest, thus, making it a great option for people who prioritize affordability.

With regular policing and public alert systems in place, this city also ranks high among the safest places to live in America.

The people living here can save more, thanks to the low taxation rates. First-time homebuyers have a distinct benefit of saving on mortgages as they have to spend only 10 percent of their monthly income on mortgage payments.

5. Buffalo, New York

When you think of New York State, you think “expensive”. In reality, however, there are few cities in the state that are quite affordable, Buffalo being one of them.

The median housing cost in Buffalo is low. The healthcare cost is relatively less as well in comparison to other big cities.

In addition to affordability, the city offers many other good things in abundance. The New York State's second-largest metropolitan region, Buffalo has a thriving economy. It has some widely acclaimed hospitals and universities. There are also good employment opportunities; you will discover a range of different types of jobs.

While Buffalo's weather can be harsh for some, it has great attractions that appeal to people looking for the best places in USA to move to.

Museums, a population that loves sports, convenient transportation, good food joints – there's a lot to love about Buffalo.

Finding an Affordable City (And a Great Neighborhood)

Although the cost of living is not the only deciding factor when moving cities, housing expenses and money spent on daily requirements are genuine aspects that demand prioritized consideration.

So, if you were looking for the best places to live in the US that are affordable and promise a quality standard of living, the above-mentioned names can be a good choice for you.

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