All You Must Know About Acton, Massachusetts Before Your Mov

All You Must Know About Acton, Massachusetts Before Your Move

by Team NextBurb 8 October 2021

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All You Must Know About Acton, MA Before Your Move

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Are you looking to move to Acton, Massachusetts? Wondering if it will be the right move for your family? Don’t worry, as we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we talk about all the crucial aspects associated with living in Acton. From the school system to the community, the top attractions to the crime rate, we cover it all here.

Let Nextburb help you out with your search and guide you to a town and neighborhood that is exactly to your liking.

Table of Content:

★ Introduction

★ Quick Facts about Acton MA

★ History of Acton MA

★ Demographics and Population of Acton, MA

★ Real Estate in Acton MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

★ Professions of the Residents of Acton

★ Cost of Living in Acton MA

★ K-12 Schools in Acton MA

★ Crime Rate in Acton MA

★ Commute to and from Acton MA

★ Community Life in Acton

★ Top Attractions to Visit in Acton

★ Places of Worship in Acton

★ Places to Eat in Acton

★ Is Acton a Good Place to Live In?

★ FAQs About Acton

Acton is a town located in Middlesex County and is renowned as one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. If you’re looking for a place that’s safe, homely, culture-oriented, and has a fair amount of activities to offer, Acton is the town for you. It has various types of housing facilities available, be it for single individuals or even families looking for a large space.

The commute system is very efficient, making it easy for the residents to travel around. Anyone craving for a mix of tradition and modernity should definitely select Acton as their place of residence.

Quick Facts About Acton, MA

· The highly-rated public schools in Acton make it a competent town for your kids’ education.

· Acton is a town that is great for raising your kids in.

· The high safety factor of Acton makes it ideal to move there with your family.

· The town provides plenty of outdoor activities for the residents to enjoy.

· A town in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Acton is located about 10 miles southwest of Lowell and 21 miles west-northwest of Boston along Massachusetts Route 2 west of Concord.

· In 2015, Money Magazine named Acton the ‘11th Best Place to Live’ among the small towns in the county.

· It was in 1735 that Acton became an incorporated town.

· The ‘open town meeting’ form of government is followed by Acton, wherein they have a town manager along with an elected, five-member board of selectmen.

· Acton-Boxborough Regional High School , the local high school, was named a Blue Ribbon School by the U.S. Department of Education in 2009. In 2012, Acton-Boxborough was ranked 3rd by the U.S. News & World Report in the category of open enrollment high schools. It was also ranked 7th overall in terms of STEM education in the country.

· Is Acton a good place to live in? Acton happens to be one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. The town offers a wonderful suburban ambience to its residents with beautiful spots to hang out in, such as parks, cafes, and so on. The safety factor of Acton is highly rated, with plenty of green spaces around, and the schools are reputed too.

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History of Acton, MA

Thousands of years ago, Native Americans used the river running through Acton as a part of their annual migration patterns. Incorporated in 1635, Concord was the very first colonial settlement of the area in question. Being the first inland settlement of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, it currently includes Acton, Lincoln, and Carlisle.

The official religion of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was Congregationalism, and it was required by the residents of the colony to support it via taxation while also attending the Sunday Services. Since traveling along the colonial roads was tough, this requirement soon became a tiresome burden for the residents, leading them to approach the General Court and demand for their own Church and also hire a minister. Once this was approved, Acton then became an independent town on 3rd July, 1735. The town has since then held its annual town meetings at Acton's Memorial Library.

During the initial periods of the 21st century, the population growth of Acton was accompanied by the establishment of the Canterbury Hill development. Developments in the region also came about in the form of 153 homes being built on a portion of the Quail Ridge Country Club.

Demographics and Population of Acton, MA

The population of Acton, MA is 23,561, with a median age of 43.7 years (44.5 years for women and 43.1 years for men).

Age Distribution

4.6% of Acton’s population is below the age of 5, while those between 5 to 17 make up 20.1% of the population. 6.3% of the individuals are between 18 to 24 years of age, and 7.7% of them fall between their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. Majority of the population is between 35-54, coming up to 31.3%. Those aged 55 and above are in the density of 30.1%.

Educational Attainment

As per the 2019 American Community Survey and the survey from Common Core Data, at least 97% of the individuals attain high school education and 76% of them proceed to complete their Masters or attain even higher education. 59% of the individuals opt for something in the field of science, especially engineering. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the education level among Acton’s population is decently high.

Diversity in Acton

Despite the majority of the population being White (66.1%), Acton has always welcomed diversity with open arms. 26% of its population is Asian and 3.5% are Hispanic or Latino. 1.4% of the individuals are Black or African American, and there is also the presence of American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Native Hawaiians, and Other Pacific Islanders.

Real Estate in Acton, MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

In July of 2021, the median list price of homes in Acton reached $699K, going up 14.6% from last year. The median listing price per square foot was $285 while the median sale price was recorded as $800K. 73.6% of the people in Acton own their own home, with the renters making up 26.4% of the crowd.

Types of Homes

Most of the homes found in Acton are single-family homes. The other types of homes include townhomes, small apartment buildings, apartment complexes, and mobile homes.

Single-Family HomesTownhomesSmall Apt. BuildingsApt. ComplexesMobile Homes

Home Value by Number of Bedrooms

Most of the homes found in Acton are spacious, which is a positive factor for those looking to live with their families.

No Bedroom1 Bedroom2 Bedrooms3 Bedrooms4 Bedrooms5 or More Bedrooms

Getting a Home in Acton

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Rentals and Properties in Acton

Looking to rent a place in Acton? Click here to check out some rentals in the town. Those wishing to buy a home can discover listings through this link .

Professions of the Residents of Acton

The per capita income in Acton is $63,697 and the median household income is $141,665. The prevalent fields and industries include:

· Professional, scientific, and technical services: 24.1%

· Education: 13.3%

· Manufacturing: 13.1%

· Healthcare: 12.1%

· Retail: 6.3%

· Information Technology: 4.5%

· Finance: 4.4%

· Accommodation: 3.3%

· Construction: 3%

· Other: 2.6%

· Administration: 2.5%

· Arts: 2.4%

· Public Service: 2.4%

Cost of Living in Acton

The overall cost of living in Acton is 153. Groceries, health products, and housing make up 111.6, 83.4, and 248.7 respectively. Utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous costs come up to 117.1, 106.1, and 125.3 respectively. 2021 has witnessed higher prices in Acton in terms of food, housing, and transportation as compared to 2020.

K-12 Schools in Acton

Acton has several highly ranked schools that are well-known for their academic proficiency.

Public Schools

Some of the best public schools in Acton are:

· Acton-Boxborough Regional High School

· Paul P Gates Elementary School

· Luther Conant School

· Raymond J Grey Junior High

Private Schools

The Victor School is the best private school in Acton, MA.


The best kindergarten options in Acton are as follows:

· Acton KinderCare

· Hayward Road KinderCare

Crime in Acton, MA

Acton is an extremely safe town to live in, and the police personnel are very responsive to the situation and complaints of the residents. The overall crime score was recorded as 19.52 in 2019, which was 80.48% lower than the national average. The violent crime score was reported to be 22.83, which was 77.17% lower as compared to the national average.

The town of Acton has an overall crime grade of A+, entailing that the crime rate is much lower compared to the average US city. As far as safety is concerned, Acton falls under the 98th percentile. The crime rate in Acton is 8.25 per 1,000 residents in a standard year.

Commute to and from Acton

The transportation services in Acton assist the residents and provide them sufficient access to public transportation, including door-to-door trips both within the town as well as to the adjacent towns. Transit authorities provide fixed-route services that have scheduled routes and also fixed routes.

The fixed route transit is open to anyone residing in Acton, without the presence of an eligibility process. Disabled people and older individuals are eligible for discounted fares when taking the fixed route. All they have to do is contact the transit authority and inquire about senior discounts, Senior Charlie Card, the Transportation Access Pass (TAP), or any other applicable discounts.

Commuter Trains

The South Acton train station from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) is the main commuter train station in Acton. It takes about an hour to travel to Boston from Action using a commuter train.

Nearby Airports

The airports nearest to Acton are:

· Boston Logan International Airport

· Worcester Regional Airport

· Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

· Portsmouth International Airport

· Providence T. F. Green Airport

Community Life in Dover

Acton has an eclectic cultural spread to offer to its residents, including:


There are two public libraries in Acton, namely the West Acton Citizens' Library and Acton Memorial Library. William Allan Wilde, who was a Massachusetts State Representative, had given the Acton Memorial Library to Acton as a memorial to its Civil War veterans way back in 1890. The building went through its first expansion in 1967 and the second expansion took place in 1999. The Jenks Library is owned by the Acton Historical Society, and houses historical photographs, documents, maps, and drawings.


Residents and visitors can pay a visit to Discovery Museum, which is perfect for families with its amalgamation of nature, science, and play. Among the historical locations is also the Iron Work Farm, which is a historical, non-profit entity established in Massachusetts in 1964.

Jones Tavern and Faulkner House are the two historic houses operated by Iron Work Farm. Both the houses are open from May to October during the last Sunday of the month for public visits. They are also kept open on the occasion of the local Patriots' Day holiday every April.

Hosmer House serves as yet another historical spot for the people of Acton to visit and enjoy. Owned and maintained by the Acton Historical Society, this is a home from the era of the Revolutionary War. It is open to the public on the occasion of Patriots' Day every year, Crown Resistance Day which falls on 27th September. It is also open on 27th May and 24th June from 2 pm to 4 pm.


Acton is home to numerous theater groups, of which the two oldest ones are the Open Door Theater and Theatre III. Open Door Theater was established to bring about a theater experience that’s inclusive. Every year, one big musical is produced by the Open Door Theater, created by a substantial group of performers aged 9 and above. This group also includes individuals with special needs, thereby making it more diverse. They rehearse and perform at R. J. Grey Junior High School’s Dragonfly Theatre.

Theatre III was created when three different organizations collaborated to produce a show in 1956. Every season, numerous plays and musicals are put up by this theater at the historical old church building on Central Street.

Top Attractions to Visit in Acton

Whether you live in Acton or are visiting it for a couple of days, this quaint town has many touristy places for you to see:

Acton Arboretum: Located in the heart of Acton’s Town Center, the Arboretum has a trail system containing open meadows, woodland ponds, a glacial esker, and a bog. Numerous gardens can be found in the Arboretum, such as a butterfly garden, hosta garden, daylily garden, herb garden, rhododendron garden, and lilac fragrance garden.

Acton State Historic Site: This is the burial site of Davy Crockett's second wife, Elizabeth, who passed away in 1860. The monument continues to pay tribute to the woman who was the wife of one of the most celebrated folk heroes of the nation.

Idylwilde Farms: One can find homegrown crops at Idylwilde Farms along with the finest herbs, vegetables, and fruits throughout the year. Stocked with the best gourmet foods and local and imported produce, you can find a variety of delicious items here, such as peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots, leeks, beats, broccolis, and much more.

Nathaniel Allen Recreation Area Park: Open all year, this park is perfect for picnics, walking, community events, or just to spend a few relaxing moments.

Places of Worship in Acton

The following are some of the places of worship in Acton:

Acton Congregational Church
12 Concord Rd
Acton, MA 01720
Contact: (978) 263-2728

Church of the Good Shepherd
164 Newtown Rd
Acton, MA 01720
Contact: (978) 263-5782

Mount Calvary Lutheran Church
472 Massachusetts Ave
Acton, MA 01720
Contact: (978) 263-5156

West Acton Baptist Church
592 Massachusetts Ave
Acton, MA 01720
Contact: (978) 263-5902

Highrock Acton
75 Spruce St.
Acton, MA 01720
Contact: (978) 393-1738

Saint Matthew's United Methodist Church
435 Central St
Acton, MA 01720
Contact: (978) 263-2822

Acton Korean Church
54 Hosmer St
Acton, MA 1720
Contact: (978) 263-8459

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish
89 Arlington St
Acton, MA 01720
Contact: (978) 263-4305

Places to Eat in Acton

Acton had a wide variety of cuisines to offer for all the foodies out there. Whether dining in or ordering for delivery, numerous options are present. Some of the best eateries at Acton as per Tripadvisor are:

- Sorrento's Brick Oven Pizzeria

- Spicepepper Garden

- Rapscallion Table & Tap

- Filho's Great Road

- Twin Seafood

- The Red Raven Gastropub

- True West

Comparison to Neighboring Towns

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Is Acton a Good Place to Live In?

Acton is a wonderful place to live in, for singles and families alike. There’s plenty of culture around for the residents to indulge in, including theatres, museums, and so on. The parks, restaurants, and cafes serve as hangout spots throughout the year for those who seek a much-needed break from the hassles of daily life. All in all, Acton does indeed have a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for a decently affordable place to live in that also has a solid educational background, you can trust Acton.

We at Nextburb ensure that you get the full picture of an area or neighborhood before deciding it to be your future home. Our recommendations are based on your budget and lifestyle preferences, enabling you to pick a place that best suits your needs.

FAQs About Acton

Q: Is Acton diverse?

A: Acton, MA is more diverse than the average city in the United States. Therefore, if diversity is what you are seeking, you can consider moving to Acton.

Q: How is Acton in terms of safety?

A: Acton is safer than 88% of all the towns and cities in the United States.

Q: Does Acton offer education at various levels?

A: Yes, Acton has reputed public schools as well as private schools. It also has a good preschool system that ensures the initial years of your child’s education are well taken care of.

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