All You Must Know About Ashland, MA Before Your Move

All You Must Know About Ashland, Massachusetts Before Your Move

by Mohit 11 November 2021


All You Must Know About Ashland, MA Before Your Move

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Have you been planning to move to Ashland, Massachusetts? Are you also contemplating if it will be the right move for your family? Keep your worries aside, for we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we talk about all the important aspects associated with living in Ashland. From the school system to the community, the top attractions to the crime rate, we cover it all here. Let Nextburb help you out with your search and guide you to a town and neighborhood that is exactly to your liking.

Table of Content:

★ Introduction

★ Quick Facts about Ashland MA

★ History of Ashland MA

★ Getting a Home in Ashland

★ Professions of the Residents of Ashland

★ Cost of Living in Ashland MA

★ K-12 Schools in Ashland MA

★ Crime Rate in Ashland MA

★ Commute to and from Ashland MA

★ Community Life in Ashland

★ Top Attractions to Visit in Ashland

★ Places of Worship in Ashland

★ Places to Eat in Ashland

★ Comparison to Neighboring Towns

★ Is Ashland a Good Place to Live In?

★ FAQs About Ashland


Ashland is a town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, and belongs to the MetroWest region. The population of Ashland, MA is 17,576. The median age in Ashland is 42 years (43.4 years for women and 40 years for men). To find out about the best schools in Ashland MA, neighborhoods in Ashland MA, and more, reach out to our experts at Nextburb.

Quick Facts About Ashland, MA

  • Plenty of good public schools can be found in Ashland, MA.
  • The town is ideal for families.
  • The committees and organizations in Ashland, MA are eclectic and helpful.
  • Ashland provides many outdoor activities for the residents to enjoy.
  • It is one of the best suburbs for young professionals in Massachusetts.

History of Ashland, MA

The settlement of Ashland took place in the early 18th century, while the incorporation of the town happened in 1846. Known priorly as "Unionville," Ashland was younger than the towns surrounding it. The early development of the town could be linked to the establishment of the Boston & Worcester Railroad in the 1830s, which later came to be known as Boston & Albany. This along with the Sudbury Mills led to multiple mills being attracted to Ashland, thereby leading to the creation of the boot and shoe industry in the town.

The population growth in Ashland remained slow for most of the 20th century, but this changed after the war during the 1950s. This is the period when Ashland transformed from a rural town to an attractive, residential suburb. The open spaces and farms present in Ashland made for numerous housing spaces over the years. There are, however, areas that are still untouched, such as the Ashland State Park, Warren Woods, and Ashland Town Forest.

Getting a Home in Ashland

Find a Local Agent

Click here to get in touch with real estate agents in Ashland.

Rentals and Properties in Ashland

Looking to rent a place in Ashland? Click here to check out some rentals in the town. Those wishing to buy a home can discover the listings through this link.

Professions of the Residents of Ashland

Ashland’s per capita income is $55,890 and the national per capita income is $34,103. The median household income of Ashland is $124,130 and the national median household income is $62,843. Some of the professions chosen by the residents of Ashland include:

  • Professionals: 15.7%
  • Healthcare: 13.7%
  • Manufacturing: 10.3%
  • Retail: 10.1%
  • Education: 9.9%
  • Finance: 7.2%
  • Construction: 6.4%
  • Other: 5%
  • Administration: 4.3%
  • Public Service: 3.1%
  • Information Technology: 3%
  • Accommodation: 2.9%
  • Wholesale: 2.3%
  • Transportation: 2.2%

Cost of Living in Ashland

The cost of living in Ashland, MA is 24% higher than the national average and 5% less than the Massachusetts average. While food and transportation are the costliest departments in Ashland, MA, they are followed by housing and health.

K-12 Schools in Ashland, MA

Whether you are looking for public schools, private schools, or preschools, Nextburb can tell you about the best schools in Ashland, MA.

Public Schools

The public schools in Ashland, MA are:

· David Mindess School

· Ashland Middle School

· Ashland High School

Private Schools

The private schools in Ashland, MA include:

· Pincushion Hill Montessori School

· MetroWest Christian Academy

· Ashland KinderCare


The preschool, daycare, and child care options in Ashland, MA are as follows:

· Ashland KinderCare

· Pincushion Hill Montessori School

· Step Forward Learning Center

· Sunshine Home Daycare

· Little Folk Farm Nursery School

· Reach Preschool

· Dreamstation

Crime Rate in Ashland, MA

The crime rate in Ashland, MA is much lower compared to the national average. Falling in the 96th percentile for safety and having a crime grade of A+, only 4% of the places in the United States are safer than Ashland, MA. In a given year, the crime rate in Ashland, MA is 9.74 per 1,000 residents.

Commute to and from Ashland

79.2% of the residents in Ashland, MA drive their own cars. 3.7% of them work from home and 6.9% of the residents utilize mass transit.

Commuter Trains

Ashland Station is the MBTA commuter rail station in Ashland, MA. It takes around an hour and 5 minutes to travel from Ashland, MA to Boston, MA via a commuter train.

Nearby Airports

The nearest airports to be accessed from Ashland, MA are:

  • · Worcester Regional Airport (43 minutes away)
  • · Laurence G. Hanscom Field (51 minutes away)
  • · Boston Logan International Airport (1 hour away)

Community Life in Ashland

Ashland Historical Society: The Ashland Historical Society aids in preserving the heritage of Ashland, MA.

Ashland Business Association: The Ashland Business Association is a community of employees, managers, executives, and business owners who collaborate to create a connection between the businesses and the community.

Ashland Garden Club: As the name suggests, the Ashland Garden Club takes pride in maintaining the greenery of the town and keeping it beautified.

Ashland Moms: Ashland Moms is a non-profit group where the caregivers look after one another and also create activities for the young kids to enjoy.

Ashland Cultural Council: The Ashland Cultural Council nurtures and promotes art within the community of Ashland.

Top Attractions to Visit in Ashland

Ashland State Park: Visit the Ashland State Park to enjoy hiking, boating, swimming, and fishing.

Sri Lakshmi Temple: The Sri Lakshmi Temple has been an attraction and landmark in Ashland, MA for several years now.

Ashland Reservoir: Experience calm and peace at the Ashland Reservoir.

Places of Worship in Ashland

The places of worship in Ashland, MA include:

St. Cecelia Parish
54 Esty St
Ashland, MA 01721
Contact: (508) 881-6107

Federated Church of Ashland
118 Main St # 1
Ashland, MA 01721
Contact: (508) 881-1355

Metrowest Worship Center
280 Pleasant St
Ashland, MA 01721
Contact: (508) 881-7401

Places to Eat in Ashland

Ashland has numerous delicious cuisines to offer. According to TripAdvisor, some of the best eateries to try out in Ashland are:

- The Oregon Club

- Erica’s Ristorante

- Ashland Ale House

- Stone's Public House

- Doragon Ramen

- Mexico City Taqueria

- TJ's Food & Spirits

- Town House Pizza & Roast Beef

Comparison to Neighboring Towns

Some of the towns located near Ashland, MA are Framingham, Southborough, and Hopkinton.

Click here to compare Ashland M/site/assets/files/1880/A to Framingham MA.

Click here to compare Ashland MA to Southborough MA.

Click here to compare Ashland MA to Hopkinton MA.

Compare all the towns together by clicking here.

ashland ma map

Is Ashland a Good Place to Live In?

Ashland is a wonderful place to live in, and even more so for families. The community life offered in Ashland is warm, safe, and accessible. There are various organizations that are always available to serve the residents of the town, while also allowing them to participate in volunteering events and activities. The public schools provide competent education to the young minds of Ashland and the town is extremely safe to raise a family in.

FAQs About Ashland

Q: What are some of the important communities and organizations to take note of in Ashland, MA?

A: Some of the vital organizations to know about in Ashland, MA include the Ashland Historical Society, Ashland Business Association, Ashland Garden Club, Ashland Moms, and Ashland Cultural Council.

Q: What does the Ashland PTO do?

A: Ashland PTO develops events and educational enrichment programs for the public schools in Ashland.

Q: Which are the towns located near Ashland, MA?

A: Some of the towns located near Ashland, MA are Framingham, Sherborn, Holliston, Hopkinton, and Southborough.

Q: How is sustainability maintained in Ashland, MA?

A: The sustainability in Ashland, MA is maintained by the Ashland Sustainability Committee.

Q: Does Ashland have a public library?

A: Yes, it does, and it’s called the Ashland Public Library.

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