All You Must Know About Dover, Massachusetts Before Your Mov

All You Must Know About Dover, Massachusetts Before Your Move

by Team NextBurb 7 October 2021

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All You Must Know About Dover, MA Before Your Move

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Are you looking to move to Dover, Massachusetts? Wondering if it will be the right move for your family? Don’t worry, as we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we talk about all the crucial aspects associated with living in Dover. From the school system to the community, the top attractions to the crime rate, we cover it all here.

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Table of Content:

★ Introduction

★ Quick Facts about Dover MA

★ History of Dover MA

★ Population and Demographics

★ Real Estate in Dover MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

★ Fields Chosen by the Residents of Dover MA

★ Cost of Living in Dover MA

★ K-12 Schools in Dover MA

★ Crime Rate in Dover MA

★ Commute to and from Dover MA

★ Community Life in Dover

★ Top Attractions to Visit in Dover

★ Places of Worship in Dover

★ Is Dover a Good Place to Live In?

★ FAQs About Dover


Dover is a town located in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Known as one of the wealthiest towns in the state of Massachusetts, it is situated on the south banks of the Charles River. Dover has Natick , Wellesley , and Needham towards the northern side, Walpole and Medfield in the southern region, Sherborn to its west, and Westwood to its east.

With an efficient education system and an ambience that is perfect to raise a family, Dover has established itself as a town worth moving to. If you want to provide your family with an atmosphere that is fun, safe, and comfortable, Dover is a wise option to choose.

Quick Facts About Dover, MA

· The public schools in Dover are extremely highly rated.

· The town is ideal for couples to raise a family.

· Dover has a low crime rate, thereby making it safe enough for kids and families.

· It is one of the best suburbs to buy a home in Massachusetts.

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History of Dover, MA

The first settlement of Dover that was recorded took place in 1640. Later on, it was manifested as the Springfield Parish of Dedham in 1748. After being incorporated in 1784 as District Dedham, the official incorporation of the town happened in 1836. A fun fact to note down about Dover is that the creature known as the Dover Demon was apparently seen in the town in 1977.

The very first minister of Dover, Benjamin Caryl, resided at the Benjamin Caryl House, which dated back to 1777 and was located at 107 Dedham St. He lived there till 1897 with his descendants and his son, George, who was the first doctor the town had ever seen. The ownership of the house now resides with the town, with the Historical Society operating it since 1920. A careful restoration has been conducted in order to reflect the living conditions back in the 1790s.

Several of the books, relics, artifacts, and photographs related to Dover have been preserved at the Sawin Building since the dawn of the 20th century. The building was constructed with the help of the funds provided by Benjamin and Eudora Sawin, who also donated their old household items to the Dover Historical Society. It was used for meetings in the initial years, and after witnessing a period of disenchantment from its members, it went through a refurbishing post attracting renewed interest in the 1960s.

The population of Dover, MA is 5,987. The median age is 45.2 years (46.1 years for women and 44.2 years for), which is 7 years above the national average and 6 years above the median age of the Boston Metro area.

Age Distribution

The age distribution of the population in Dover is as follows:

· 5 and under: 2.6%

· 5 to 14: 19.6%

· 15 to 24: 14.7%

· 25 to 34: 5.2%

· 35 to 44: 9.8%

· 45 to 54: 15.4%

· 55 and above: 32.7%

Educational Attainment

5.87% of Dover’s population are high school graduates. 4.72% of them go to some college or another. The one with an Associate’s Degree comprise of 3.68% of the population, 30.89% of them have a Bachelor’s Degree, and 53.88% of them have a Master’s Degree.

Diversity in Dover

Dover scores a C+ in terms of diversity. Therefore, although the town does have people of other races, it’s still not the most diverse population of the nation. 87.56% of the individuals are White, 10.44% of them are Asians, and 2% of them are a mix of two or more races.

Real Estate in Dover, MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

In terms of real estate in Dover, MA, the median list price of homes in the town was $1.4M in August of 2021. The median listing price per square foot was recorded as $374, whereas $1.6M was noted down as the median sale price.

Types of Homes

Single-Family HomesTwo and Four-Family BuildingsMulti-Family Buildings

Getting a Home in Dover

Find a Local Agent

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Rentals and Properties in Dover

Looking to rent a place in Dover? Click here to check out some rentals in the town. Those wishing to buy a home can discover listings through this link.

The household income in Dover is $250,000, and the per capita income is $125,777. The fields that can be seen the most in the town are as follows:

· Construction: 6.7%

· Manufacturing: 8.6%

· Retail: 4.7%

· Transportation and Warehousing: 0.7%

· Finance: 9.5%

· Real Estate: 3.1%

· Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: 21.5%

· Administration: 1.4%

· Education: 10.6%

· Healthcare: 18.2%

· Arts and Entertainment: 2.1%

· Food Services: 2.4%

Cost of Living in Dover

The cost of living in Dover is 112% higher than the national average. Goods and services are recorded to be 29% more than the national average and housing is 323% higher than the US average. Groceries, too, cost 6% more than the national average in the town.

K-12 Schools in Dover, MA

Education is extremely valued in the town of Dover, which is evident from the highly-rated schools. Parents can choose from both public as well as private schools for their kids.

Public Schools

Some of the best public schools in Dover are:

· Chickering Elementary School

· Dover-Sherborn Regional Middle School

· Dover-Sherborn Regional High School

Private Schools

Families can also send their kids to a private school, if that is their preference. The best one to go for is the Charles River School.


The kindergarten options in Dover are as follows:

· Chickering Elementary School

· Dover Nursery School Inc

After-School Activities

Looking for after-school options in Dover? We have got you covered. Here are some of the notable options:

· Dover-Sherborn Child Development Center

· Dover Nursery School Inc

· Dover Extended Day Care Center

Crime Rate in Dover, MA

With an A+ overall crime grade, the crime rate in Dover, MA is much lower than the national average. Being in the 98th percentile in terms of safety, only 2% of the US cities are safer than Dover. The town, therefore, is extremely safe and great for raising a family. During a standard year, the crime rate in Dover, MA is 8.06 per 1,000 residents. The southern part of the town is considered to be the safest by its residents.

Commute to and from Dover

The average commute time in Dover is higher than the national average. Most of the residents travel alone (70.5%) or own a car.

Bus Connectivity

Residents of Dover can make use of the Chestnut St @ Oak St. and Needham Junction to take the bus route they need. It takes about 1.5 hours to travel to Boston, Massachusetts from Dover by bus.

Nearby Airports

The airports near Dover, MA include Laurence G Hanscom Field, Boston Logan International Airport, Worcester Regional Airport, Theodore Francis Green State, New Bedford Regional Airport, and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Community Life in Dover

The Caryl Community Center (CCC) in Dover brings the community together. Located in the center of the town, it provides the residents with numerous facilities.

Activities for Kids

Among the many spots to take your kids to in Dover, one of the most popular ones is the Massachusetts Horticultural Society. They have classes, workshops, events, and plenty of activities for the kids to enjoy. You can tour the Gardens at Elm Bank and enjoy the sights as a family.

Top Attractions to Visit in Dover

Some of the top attractions in Dover, MA are as follows:

Pegan Hill: A climb up the wooded ridge takes you to the fields that will offer you a breathtaking view of Mt. Monadnock to the north and Mt. Wachusett to the west.

Noanet Woodlands: The 17 miles of hiking trails present in Noanet Woodlands provide activities such as bird-watching and also give you a beautiful aerial view.

Powisset Farm: Go around the loop trail and witness the farm, fields, woodlands, and wetlands.

Chase Woodlands: A nature reserve where you can walk around and feel peaceful.

Places of Worship in Dover

The following are some of the places of worship in Dover:

Dover Church
17 Springdale Ave, Dover, MA 02030
Contact: +1508-785-0957

Grace Church
21 Centre St, Dover, MA
Contact: +1508-785-3500

St. Dunstan's Episcopal Church
18 Springdale Ave, Dover, MA 02030
Contact: +1508-785-0879

Most Precious Blood Church
30 Centre St, Dover, MA 02030
Contact: +1508-785-0305

Comparison to Neighboring Towns

Click here to compare Dover MA to Needham MA.

Click here to compare Dover MA to Medfield MA.

Click here to compare Dover MA to Westwood MA.

Compare all the towns together by clicking here .

Is Dover a Good Place to Live In?

The individuals looking for a town that’s safe, good to raise a family, and has a competent education system, should definitely consider moving to Dover, MA. We hope our comprehensive and extensive blog post gives you all the information you need about Dover and helps you make a decision.

FAQs About Dover

Q: Does Dover have a noise by-law?

A: No, there isn’t a noise by-law that exists in Dover. Any complaints related to noise pollution are resolved within the community.

Q: Is Dover a safe town?

A: Yes, Dover has one of the lowest crime rates and one of the highest safety grades in all of the United States. Therefore, families hoping to move to the town can do so with no worries regarding the safety of their kids and other family members.

Q: Do any biking rules exist in Dover?

A: Dover doesn’t have any biking rules. The state’s bicycle laws, however, can be accessed through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts website.

Q: How are the schools like in Dover?

A: Dover has some really competent public as well as private schools. Dover-Sherborn Regional High was ranked as one of the top high schools in Massachusetts by the Boston Magazine and also the 10th best by the U.S. News & World Report in 2017.

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