All You Must Know About Lexington, Massachusetts Before Your

All You Must Know About Lexington, MA Before Your Move

by Team NextBurb 3 October 2021

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All You Must Know About Lexington, MA Before Your Move

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Looking to move to Lexington, Massachusetts? Wondering if it will be the right move for your family? You have nothing to worry about, for we are here to help you out.

In this guide, we talk about all the important aspects associated with living in Lexington. From the school system to the community, the top attractions to the crime rate, we cover it all here.

Let Nextburb help you out with your search and guide you to a town and neighborhood that is exactly to your liking.

Table of Content:

★ Introduction

★ Quick Facts about Lexington MA

★ History of Lexington MA

★ Population and Demographics

★ Real Estate in Lexington MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

★ Fields Chosen by the Residents of Lexington MA

★ Cost of Living in Lexington MA

★ Best Schools in Lexington MA

★ Crime Rate in Lexington MA

★ Commute to and from Lexington MA

★ Community Life in Lexington

★ Places of Worship in Lexington

★ Places to Eat in Lexington

★ Is Lexington a Good Place to Live In?

★ FAQs About Lexington


Lexington is a suburban town located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. Situated 10 miles from Downtown Boston, it was originally settled as a farming community. While the 2010 census recorded Lexington’s population as 31,394, it was reported to be 33,727 in 2018. With regards to geography, Lexington has Lincoln on the southwest, Bedford on the northwest, Burlington on the northeast, and Belmont and Waltham on the south.

Filled with a multitude of historic locations to visit, Lexington offers its people art and culture from every nook and cranny of the town. If you are looking for neighborhoods that will offer you comfort, peace, security, as well as activities, Lexington is the perfect place to choose.

Quick Facts About Lexington

· Lexington has some of the highest rated public schools in the Boston region.

· The town is regarded as a wonderful place for families, with the safety level being high.

· Those looking for diversity will appreciate the mix of individuals in Lexington.

· There are plenty of activities and touristy attractions to look forward to in the town.

· Lexington is reputed as the location of the first shots of the American Revolutionary War which took place on 19th April, 1775 during the Battle of Lexington.

· It is the sixth wealthiest small city in the United States.

· The proximity of Lexington to Boston in terms of location led to its prosperity.

· Commercial establishments and industries make up a huge part of Lexington’s employment sector.

· The participation level of the citizens has always been high in Lexington, making it a very vibrant community.

· According to the 2010 census, 20% of Lexington’s residents were reported to be born outside of the United States.

· Lexington houses the famous Lexington Symphony that performs regularly at Cary Hall.

· The town is a popular tourist destination, providing its residents and visitors to feats their eyes on numerous historic monuments, parks, houses, and buildings dating back to the Colonial and Revolutionary days.

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History of Lexington MA

Lexington was first settled in approximately as a part of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The area that is now known as Lexington was initially incorporated as a parish known as Cambridge Farms in 1691. Although they were still under jurisdiction of the Town of Cambridge, this enabled them to have a separate church and minister. It was in 1713 that it was incorporated as a separate town, which is when it got its name.

During the early colonial days, Vine Brook (running through Lexington, Burlington, and Bedford, and emptying into the Shawsheen River), was a prime point for the farming and industrial activities of Lexington. There were various types of mills to be found in the town, along with farm irrigation that came into the picture in the 20th century.

Over the next couple of decades, Lexington continued to grow in a modest manner while maintaining its status as a farming community and supplying Boston with a substantial amount of its produce. The town flourished and a railway line was established in 1846. East Lexington was considered as a village separate from the rest of the town for several years even though it still had Town Hall and the same officers. By the end of the 1960s, majority of the Lexington farms became housing developments.

Owing to the high-tech boom, Lexington and several of the towns located along the Route 128 corridor, experienced a population surge during the 1960s and 70s. The property values, too, increased during this period and the school system received national recognition due to its efficiency and excellence.

After the battle at Lexington in 1775, the British marched towards Concord, which was the organization spot for the militia, precisely at the Old North Bridge. They prevented the British from capturing and destroying their arms stores. Lexington also happened to be the location for the Cold War of the USAF Experimental SAGE Subsector. This was for the purpose of testing a prototype IBM computer that arrived in July of 1955 and was meant to create a computerized national air defense network.

In the current era, numerous companies are seen moving into the town of Lexington since both Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and BAE Systems have offices in the region. The town also enthusiastically takes part in the METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) program, which is responsible for taking minority students from Boston to suburban towns in order for them to have access to better educational opportunities as compared to those offered by the Boston Public Schools.

Demographics and Population of Lexington MA

The current population of Lexington, MA is 33,480. The median age is reported to be 45.7 years (46.3 years for females and 45.2 years for males).

Age Distribution

Majority of Lexington’s population falls under the age bracket of 40-49, making it 18%. 11% of the population is aged between 0 to 9, 17% of them fall between 10 to 19, and 5% of them are between the age of 20 to 29. 8% of the Lexington residents make up the 30 to 39 bracket and 15% of them are aged between 50 to 59. The older population of 60 to 69, 70 to 79, and above the age of 80 take up 12%, 7%, and 6% respectively.

Educational Attainment

The education level of the residents in Lexington is pretty high, with 98.4% of the population having at least a high school degree or more. 8% of them attend some college or the other, 84.7% of them have a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and at least 57% of them have a Post Graduate degree in the field of their choice. The high school graduation rate is about 10% higher than the rate in Massachusetts, and the percentage of Bachelor’s degree holders is more than 1.5 times the rate compared to the Boston-Cambridge-Newton area.

Diversity in Lexington

Although most of the population in Lexington is White, it has warmly welcomed individuals from different communities over the decades, making it a wonderfully diverse mix of residents. 30.08% of the population is Asian, 3.72% are a mix of two or more races, 1.29% are Black or African American, and 0.17% of them are American Indians and Alaska Natives.

66% of the population speaks only English in Lexington. 2% of them speak Spanish, 19% of them speak an Asian or Islander language, and 12% speak Indo-European languages.

Real Estate in Lexington, MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

In July of 2021, with regards to real estate in Lexington, MA, the median list price of homes in the town went down by 3.5% from last year, coming to $1.3M. The median sale price was recorded to be $1.4M and the median listing price per square foot was $447. During the same month this year, the homes in Lexington sold for 7.91% above their asking price, making it a total seller’s market.

The average market rent in Lexington is reported to be $4,621 per month. 80.6% of the individuals in the town are owners of their respective homes and 19.4% of them are renters.

Types of Homes

Single-family homes are the most common types of homes in Lexington. There are also townhomes, small apartment buildings, and apartment complexes.

Single-Family HomesTownhomesSmall Apt. BuildingsApt. Complexes

Home Value by Number of Bedrooms

Three-bedroom and four-bedroom houses are extremely common across Lexington. Depending on whether you’re looking for an apartment for yourself or to have your family around, there are various kinds of homes available in the town.

No BedroomOne BedroomTwo BedroomsThree BedroomsFour BedroomsFive Bedrooms

Getting a Home in Lexington

Find a Local Agent

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Rentals and Properties in Lexington

Looking to rent a place in Lexington? Click here to check out some rentals in the town. Those wishing to buy a home can discover listings through this link.

Fields Chosen by the Residents of Lexington MA

Lexington’s per capita income is $82,557 and the median household income is $186,201. The most prevalent industries and fields in Lexington are:

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: 22.7%

Healthcare: 15.5%

Education: 13.9%

Manufacturing: 13.5%

Finance: 7.5%

Information Technology: 4.6%

Retail: 4.4%

Accommodation: 3.4%

Public Service: 2.8%

Other: 2.4%

Cost of Living in Lexington

The overall cost of living in Lexington is 213.0. Groceries, health products, and housing make up 117.8, 83.4, and 443.8. Utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous items come up to 119.4, 102.6, and 125.6. In 2021, the departments that saw an increase in terms of expenditure were transportation, food, and housing. The area prices in the town went up by 2.5% as compared to 2020.

K-12 Schools in Lexington, MA

Lexington has some of the most highly ranked public schools in all of Massachusetts. Some of the best schools in the town include Lexington High School, Bowman Elementary School, William Diamond Middle School, Bishop Feehan High School, Maria Hastings Elementary School, Joseph Estabrook Elementary School, and Jonas Clarke Middle School.

School Ratings
Lexington High SchoolWm Diamond Middle SchoolJonas Clarke Middle SchoolMaria HastingsHarringtonJoseph Estabrook

Private Schools

Some of the best private schools in Lexington are:

· Lexington Christian Academy

· Waldorf School of Lexington


The preschool system in Lexington provides the young kids of the town with an engaging and nurturing environment during the most crucial years of their life. Some of the best ones to choose from are:

- Lexington Montessori School

- Waldorf School of Lexington

- Cotting School

- First Circle Learning Center

- The LEAP School

- The Sunshine Montessori School

After-School Activities

Parents looking for some after-school activities and programs for their kids in Lexington, can check out the following places:

- Waldorf School of Lexington

- Lexington Montessori School

- Lextended Day

- Harrington Elementary School

Crime Rate in Lexington, MA

The safety level of the town of Lexington is intensely commendable, with the residents admitting that the police are always vigilant and responsive to their requests and complaints. The overall crime grade of Lexington is A+, entailing that the rate of crime in the town is significantly lower as compared to the average US city. Lexington falls under the 98th percentile in terms of safety, meaning that only 2% of the cities in the US are safer in its comparison.

During a standard year, the crime rate in Lexington is 8.02 per 1,000 residents. The northeastern part of the town is considered to be the safest according to the residents of Lexington. The town is statistically also safer than the surrounding towns.

Commute to and from Lexington

The average one-way commute in Lexington comes up to 31.6 minutes. 71.8% of the individuals in Lexington drive their own cars, 6.3% carpool with other people, and 8.5% of them opt for mass transit. The town is located at the intersection of I-95 and Route 2, situated precisely 18 miles from Boston's Logan Airport.

Commuter Trains

The Lexington Branch, which is the railway line of Lexington, started way back in 1846. It was later on acquired by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, but this freight service was discontinued in 1981. The railway service continued till the final freight train in 1981. The Lexington Branch line was completely rail-banked finally in 1992.

Bus Connectivity

The MBTA operates not just buses across Lexington, but also commuter trains and ferries. The several MBTA buses help you travel to and from Lexington to the nearby places.


Lexington has both domestic and international airports in order to make air travel easier for the residents of the town.

The international airports near Lexington are:

· Boston Logan International Airport

· Portland International Jetport

· Bradley International Airport

· LaGuardia Airport

· John F. Kennedy International Airport

· Newark Liberty International Airport

Community Life in Lexington

The community in Lexington is warm and vibrant. The residents of the town are located just minutes away from some of the best entertainment venues, cuisine options, and healthcare systems the country has to offer. There is a plethora of activities to be enjoyed by both kids as well as adults.

Activities for Kids in Lexington

Want to make sure your kids have a wonderful time in Lexington? Here are some of the places to visit with them:

· Scottish Rite Masonic Museum & Library

· The Telephone Museum

· Minute Man National Historical Park

· Lincoln Park

· Center Recreation Complex

Places of Interest

Who wouldn’t want to let their hair down and relax during the weekend with their friends and loved ones, right? Lexington takes care of all your leisure needs with plenty of spots you can chill at with your colleagues, partner, buddies, and more. Some of them are as listed below:

· Town Meeting Bistro

· Vine Brook Tavern

· Lexx Restaurant

· W XYZ Bar


Connoisseurs of art, history, and culture will never get tired of the kaleidoscope of intellectual venues present in Lexington. The must-visit monuments and names include:

Buckman Tavern: Get a peek into what it was like for residents and visitors to attend a town meeting back in the day.

Lexington Green: Lexington Green is the site that offers insights regarding the opening shots of the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Wilson Farm: A heaven for foodies looking to feast their eyes on delicious cheeses, stunning cut flowers, farm-fresh dairy, and more.

Hancock-Clarke House: The historic house is the only piece of residence associated with John Hancock who lived there for many years as a child.

Munroe Tavern: A prominent site with regards to the Revolutionary War, the Munroe Tavern played a crucial role in the Battle of Lexington and Concord.

Wagon Wheel: A delightful farmer’s market populated with plants, outdoor decoration, etc.

Lexington Belfry: Located on top of Massachusetts Avenue and Clarke Street, Lexington Belfry was originally created in 1762 and later rebuilt in 1910.

Places of Worship in Lexington

The following are some of the places of worship in Lexington:

Christ Revolution Church
451 Lowell St
Lexington, MA 02420
Contact: (781) 863-0500

Church of Our Redeemer
6 Meriam St
Lexington, MA 02420
Contact: (781) 862-6408

Countryside Bible Chapel
480 Lowell St
Lexington, MA 02420
Contact: (781) 862-7513

First Baptist Church
1580 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02420
Contact: (781) 862-9050

Grace Chapel of Lexington
3 Militia Dr
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: (781) 862-6499

Hancock United Church of Christ
1912 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: (781) 862-4220

Lexington Pilgrim Congregational Ucc
55 Coolidge Ave
Lexington, MA 02420
Contact: (781) 862-0357

Lexington United Methodist Church
2600 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: (781) 861-9301

Sacred Heart Parish
21 Follen Rd
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: (781) 862-4646

St. Brigid Parish
2001 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: (781) 862-0335

St. Nicholas Church
17 Meriam St
Lexington, MA 02420
Contact: (781) 862-6453

Saint Brigid Pastoral Association
1997 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: (781) 863-0319

Trinity Covenant Church
7 Clematis Rd
Lexington, MA 02421
Contact: (781) 861-0780

Places to Eat in Lexington

Lexington has a variety of cuisines to offer to its residents. According to TripAdvisor, here are some of the best restaurants to eat at in Lexington:

- Via Lago

- il Casale Cucina Campana + Bar

- Avenue Deli

- Formosa Taipei

- Peet's Coffee

- Royal India Bistro

- Neillio's Gourmet Kitchen

- Bruegger's Bagels

- Daikanyama

- Waxy O'Connors

Comparison to Neighboring Towns

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Is Lexington a Good Place to Live In?

For those looking to live in a town that has efficient schools, a wonderful community, and a great healthcare system, should look no further than Lexington. The high safety offered by the town is just one of the many factors that makes it such a competent place for someone to live in.

Not only does Lexington has plenty of activities for one to enjoy during their period of leisure and beyond, but the rich history of the town constantly allows you to keep exploring it deeper and deeper. The education system is extremely highly rated, enabling your kids to have a bright future.

We at Nextburb ensure that you get the full picture of an area, town, or neighborhood before deciding it to be your future home. Our recommendations are based on your budget and lifestyle preferences, enabling you to pick a place that best suits your needs.

FAQs About Lexington

Q: Is it expensive to live in Lexington?

A: The cost of living in Lexington is 92% higher than the national average. The healthcare system, public schools, and entertainment options make the cost of living worth it.

Q: What is the school system like in Lexington?

A: One of the main reasons for families to move to Lexington is its education system. Boston Magazine has named the Lexington High School among the top 10 schools in the Greater Boston region. It is one of the highest rated public schools in all of US.

Q: How is it like working in Lexington?

A: With plenty of businesses employing several of the residents in Lexington, the individuals also have the advantage of having easy access to the Greater Boston Area which provides them with companies in the fields of technology, finance, healthcare, and beyond.

Q: How are the farmers’ markets in Lexington?

A: Fresh and local produce is so easy to find in Lexington due to the presence of the wonderful farmers’ markets. The Bluegrass Farmers' Market and the Lexington Farmers’ Market are an absolute delight to visit.

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