The Boston Globe writes about startups pivots – NextBurb

The Boston Globe writes about startup pivots – NextBurb

by Team NextBurb 25 August 2021


Brief excerpt from the Boston Globe post below

Nitesh Mehrotra is a former manager at Cisco Systems, a networking and communications giant based in San Jose, Calif.

After his family’s planned relocation from Boston to San Jose didn’t work out, he started a company that would help other workers moving to new cities find their ideal neighborhood to live in.

The startup’s main customers were recruiting and relocation departments in large tech companies. As they suddenly stopped moving workers around the United States, “our business nearly went under due to COVID,” Mehrotra says.

To try and save it, he decided to adapt to the emerging “work from anywhere” model, and target individuals thinking about buying or renting a home further away from their company’s office — or moving to another city and becoming a fully remote worker.

His site, NextBurb, can calculate a commute distance, if you need to get into an office — or it can give you information about the quality of schools, the closest dog park, or the crime rate. The startup plans to make money by connecting people with real estate agents who can help them purchase or rent a home.

By Scott Krisner for the Boston Globe

Read the full story at: The Boston Globe writes about Nextburb's pivot to consumer relocation.

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