All You Must Know About Sparta, NJ Before Your Move

All You Must Know About Sparta, NJ Before Your Move

by Team NextBurb 24 December 2021

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All You Must Know About Sparta, NJ Before Your Move

New Jersey, Neighborhood Moving Guides

Have you been thinking of moving to Sparta, New Jersey? Are you also wondering if it will be the right move for your family? Keep your worries aside, for we are here to help you out.
In this guide, we talk about all the important aspects associated with living in Sparta. From the school system to the community, the top attractions to the crime rate, we cover it all here. Let Nextburb help you out with your search and guide you to a town and neighborhood that is exactly to your liking.

Table of Content

★ Introduction

★ Quick Facts about Sparta NJ

★ History of Sparta NJ

★ Demographics of Sparta NJ

★ Real Estate in Sparta NJ: What Do the Numbers Say?

★ Getting a Home in Sparta

★ Professions of the Residents of Sparta

★ Cost of Living in Sparta NJ

★ K-12 Schools in Sparta NJ

★ Crime Rate in Sparta NJ

★ Commute to and from Sparta NJ

★ Community Life in Sparta

★ Top Attractions to Visit in Sparta

★ Places of Worship in Sparta

★ Places to Eat in Sparta

★ Comparison to Neighboring Places

★ Is Sparta a Good Place to Live In?

★ FAQs About Sparta


Sparta is a township located in Sussex County, New Jersey. The population of Sparta NJ is 18,841. To know more about Sparta, such as the best schools in Sparta NJ, neighborhoods in Sparta NJ, best places to live in Sparta NJ, and more, reach out to our experts at Nextburb.

Quick Facts About Sparta, NJ

• Sparta is extremely ideal for families.
• It has many well-rated public schools.
• The township has a diversity grade of B-.
• Sparta NJ has numerous outdoor activities to offer to its residents.
• The township of Sparta is governed within the Faulkner Act.

History of Sparta, NJ

In the pre-colonial era, the Lenape Native Americans were the ones who inhabited Sparta. Red ores were discovered by Dutch explorers during the 1750s, and they then tried to mine copper. It did not see permanent settlers till 1778, which is when Robert Ogden and his wife made use of the lands they had acquired by building their home and constructing an iron forge. Their home and farm came to be known as Sparta. Sparta NJ saw its first public building due to the Presbyterian Church, who incorporated it in 1786. Schools were established in the township of Sparta in 1812.

Demographics of Sparta NJ

Age Distribution

5.5% of the population in Sparta NJ are kids below the age of 5. 19.1% of them are youngsters between the ages of 5 to 17. The ones falling in the age bracket of 18 to 24 make up 7% of the population, 8.5% of them are aged between 25 to 34, 29.6% of them fall between the ages of 35 to 54, 15.8% of the individuals are between 55 to 64, and those aged 65 and above make up 14.4% of the population.

Educational Attainment

4.7% of the individuals in Sparta NJ are currently attending college. 97.7% of the residents are high school graduates and 55.5% of them are college graduates.

Diversity in Sparta

Majority of Sparta NJ’s population is White, coming up to 87%. 6.9% of the individuals are Hispanic or Latino, the Asian population is 3.2%, 1.6% of the residents are Black or African American, and 1.4% of them belong to other or two or more races.

Real Estate in Sparta NJ: What Do the Numbers Say?

As of November 2021, the median listing home price went up by 6.4% in Sparta NJ, coming up to $479K. $208 was recorded as the median listing home price per square foot, with the median home sold price being $515K.

Types of Homes

• Single-family homes: 88.8%
• Townhomes: 6.3%
• Small apartment buildings: 2.6%
• Apartment complexes: 2%
• Mobile homes: 0.2%

Home Value by Number of Bedrooms

• No bedroom: 0.9%
• One bedroom: 3.4%
• Two bedrooms: 14.4%
• Three bedrooms: 35.1%
• Four bedrooms: 39.4%
• Five or more bedrooms: 6.8%

Getting a Home in Sparta

Find a Local Agent

Click here to get in touch with real estate agents in Sparta.

Rentals and Properties in Sparta

Looking to rent a place in Sparta? Click here to check out some rentals in the town. Those wishing to buy a home can discover the listings through this link.

Professions of the Residents of Sparta

The per capita income in Sparta NJ is $60.254. The national per capita income is $34,103. While the median household income in Sparta NJ is $139,036, the national median household income is $62,843. Some of the professions chosen by the residents of Sparta NJ include:

• Education: 13.3%
• Healthcare: 11.1%
• Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: 10.9%
• Manufacturing: 9.9%
• Retail: 8.2%
• Accommodation: 6.7%
• Construction: 6.1%
• Finance: 5.1%
• Public Service: 4.7%
• Wholesale: 4.1%
• Arts: 4%
• Transportation: 4%
• Information Technology: 3.4%
• Real Estate: 3%
• Other: 2.8%
• Administration: 2%

Cost of Living in Sparta

The cost of living in Sparta NJ is 10% higher than the national average and 10% lesser than the average in New Jersey. Health happens to be the most expensive department in Sparta NJ, followed by food, transportation, and housing.

K-12 Schools in Sparta, NJ

Whether you are looking for public schools, private schools, or preschools in Sparta, our experts at Nextburb can help you look for the best schools in Sparta NJ.

Public Schools

The public schools in Sparta NJ are:

Helen Morgan Elementary School
Sparta Middle School
Sparta High School

Private Schools

The private schools in Sparta NJ include:

Pope John XXIII Regional High School
Veritas Christian Academy
Reverend George A. Brown Memorial School


The preschools, daycare options, and childcare options in Sparta NJ are as follows:

Oak Tree Preschool
• Tiny Town Preschool
Hilltop Country Day School
Alpine Montessori School
Kiddie Academy of Sparta
The Goddard School of Sparta

Crime Rate in Sparta, NJ

The crime rate in Sparta NJ is much lower when compared to the average US city. Falling in the 98th percentile for safety and having an overall crime grade of A+, only 2% of the places in the United States are safer than Sparta NJ. In a given year, the crime rate in Sparta NJ is 8.18 per 1,000 residents.

Commute to and from Sparta NJ


The Sparta Train Station is the train station to access from Sparta NJ. The time it takes to travel from Sparta to Trenton via a train is about 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Nearby Airports

The airports located near Sparta NJ are:

• Morristown Municipal Airport (32 minutes away)
• Teterboro Airport (48 minutes away)
• Newark Liberty International Airport (55 minutes away)

Community Life in Sparta

The community life in Sparta NJ is evident through the following facilities:

The Chelsea at Sparta: The Chelsea at Sparta is a senior living facility in Sparta NJ. The facility ensures that the senior residents get all the modern amenities that help them lead a comfortable, stress-free life. Along with on-site medical services, emergency response pendants, and staff members who are available 24/7, the senior living facility also offers a custom wellness program for its residents.
Assisted living, memory care, and respite care are the other major features of The Chelsea at Sparta. The senior living facility employs extremely talented and experienced chefs to prepare the meals for the residents; meals that are not only delicious, but also supremely nutritious. Residents can enjoy a full social life at this facility while also keeping themselves engaged through the multiple daily activities.

Knoll Communities: Previously known as Knoll Properties, Knoll Communities is a community focused on senior citizen housing. Their aim is to provide a comfortable life to the senior residents of Sparta NJ through affordable housing.

Visiting Angels Sparta: Providing senior home care services, Visiting Angels Sparta attempts to support numerous elderly and disabled adults through companion care, personal care, and social care. Patients suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s are treated as well at this facility. The experienced caregivers provide the best non-medical senior care to the residents of Visiting Angels.

Top Attractions to Visit in Sparta

Lake Mohawk: Located in Sparta NJ, Lake Mohawk is a magical lake community for you to explore. There is a Plaza situated in the northern area of the lake that has restaurants, shops, and bars where one can spend a great time. The Plaza also has a country club that not only hosts many events throughout the year, but also provides fine dining to the visitors.
Although the Lake Mohawk Country Club was originally a planned recreational community, it grew to become a year-round lake community living facility. Housing 2,700 families, this country club is spread over 2,500 acres and contain natural woodlands, lakes, and a clubhouse. It also contains playgrounds, beaches, parking lots, docks, and walking trails.

Sparta Mountain WMA: Sparta Mountain Wildlife Management Area is a nature preserve located in Sparta NJ where one can go on hikes and drink in the beauty of nature. The trails also conduct workshops and work trips are planned as well across New Jersey and New York.

Places of Worship in Sparta

The places of worship in Sparta NJ include:

Faith Baptist Church
121 Sparta Ave
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 729-7954

First Presbyterian Church of Sparta
32 Main St
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 729-6197

Our Lady of the Lake Parish
294 Sparta Ave
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 729-6107

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
246 Woodport Rd
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 729-7010

Sparta Evangelical Free Church
429 Lafayette Rd
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 300-1717

Sparta United Methodist Church
71 Sparta Ave
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 729-7773

Saint Kateri Church
427 Stanhope Rd
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 729-1682

St Mary's Episcopal Church
85 Conestoga Trail
Sparta, NJ 07871
Contact: (973) 729-3136

Places to Eat in Sparta

Looking for good breakfast places or restaurants with outdoor seating? Sparta has it all. The eateries to try out in Sparta NJ are as follows:

Mohawk House
Krogh's Restaurant and Brew Pub
St. Moritz Grill & Bar
Café Pierrot
Sparta Classic Diner
Andre's Lakeside Dining
Alpine Creamery
Asian Island
Casa Mia
• Homestead Rest
Ristorante il Porto
Greene's Beans Cafe
Sushi Ya

Comparison to Neighboring Places

Some of the places located near Sparta NJ include Lafayette, Franklin, and Ogdensburg.
Click here to compare Sparta NJ to Lafayette NJ.
Click here to compare Sparta NJ to Franklin NJ.
Click here to compare Sparta NJ to Ogdensburg NJ.
Compare all the places together by clicking here.

Is Sparta a Good Place to Live In?

Sparta is a wonderful place to live in New Jersey. If you are planning to move there with your family, you can go ahead with no hesitation, as it is an ideal place for families. The high safety factor makes sure that all the residents stay safe and protected. The education of your kids will be in good hands as well, since the public schools in Sparta NJ are very highly-rated for their quality and competence. With numerous good restaurants around and many outdoor activities to relish, Sparta has plenty to offer. If you find yourself wondering, “Is Sparta a good place to live in?”, the answer is yes, it indeed is.

FAQs About Sparta

Q: Is Sparta NJ safe?
A: Yes, Sparta NJ is an extremely safe place, not only in New Jersey, but in all of USA. It has an overall crime grade of A+ and falls in the 98th percentile for safety, which means that there are only 2% of the places in the United States that are safer than Sparta.

Q: What county is Sparta in?
A: Sparta belongs to Sussex County.

Q: Does Sparta NJ have a downtown?
A: Yes, Sparta NJ does have a downtown and it has several activities for families to enjoy.

Q: How many square miles is Sparta New Jersey?
A: Sparta NJ is 100.5 km².

Q: What is Sparta NJ’s median household income?
A: Sparta NJ’s median household income is $139,036.

Q: How big is Lake Mohawk Sparta NJ?
A: Lake Mohawk is 800 acres big.

Q: When was Lake Mohawk made?
A: Lake Mohawk was created in 1928.

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