All You Must Know About Swampscott, MA Before Your Move

All You Must Know About Swampscott, MA Before Your Move

by Team NextBurb 17 December 2021

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All You Must Know About Swampscott, MA Before Your Move

Massachusetts, Neighborhood Moving Guides

Are you looking to move to Swampscott, Massachusetts? Wondering if it will be the right move for your family? Keep your worries aside, for we are here to help you out.
In this guide, we talk about all the important aspects associated with living in Swampscott. From the school system to the community, the top attractions to the crime rate, we cover it all here. Let Nextburb help you out with your search and guide you to a town and neighborhood that is exactly to your liking.

Table of Content

★ Introduction

★ Quick Facts about Swampscott MA

★ History of Swampscott MA

★ Demographics of Swampscott MA

★ Real Estate in Swampscott MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

★ Getting a Home in Swampscott

★ Professions of the Residents of Swampscott

★ Cost of Living in Swampscott MA

★ K-12 Schools in Swampscott MA

★ Crime Rate in Swampscott MA

★ Commute to and from Swampscott MA

★ Community Life in Swampscott

★ Top Attractions to Visit in Swampscott

★ Places of Worship in Swampscott

★ Places to Eat in Swampscott

★ Comparison to Neighboring Places

★ Is Swampscott a Good Place to Live In?

★ FAQs About Swampscott


Swampscott is a town located in Essex County, Massachusetts. The population of Swampscott MA is 14,755. The median age in Swampscott is 44.8 years (45.4 years for women and 43.8 years for men). Reach out to our experts at Nextburb to find out more information such as the best schools in Swampscott MA, best places to live in Swampscott MA, neighborhoods in Swampscott MA, and so on.

Quick Facts About Swampscott, MA

• Swampscott MA has several highly-rated public schools.
• It has numerous outdoor activities for the residents to enjoy.
• The town has a diversity grade of B-.
• Swampscott is one of the best suburbs for young professionals in Massachusetts.
• It is one of the best suburbs to raise a family in Massachusetts.

History of Swampscott, MA

Before the Europeans arrived, indigenous people inhabited the area around Swampscott MA for the longest time. The Eastern Algonquian Native American people, who were known as Pawtucket or Naumkeag, were in control of the land that extended from the Charles River to the Merrimack River during the period of European exploration. As per a source dating back to the early 20th century, the name of the town ‘Swampscott’ means various things, such as broken waters, at the red rock, and pleasant water place.
The first settlement of Swampscott took place in 1629 due to the Europeans and the official incorporation was recorded in 1852. Salem Finger, which was how a part of the far western end of Salem was known as in the earlier times, became a part of Swampscott in 1857. The town of Swampscott saw several wealthy individuals flocking towards it during the initial stages of the 20th century. While Swampscott was the first resort town, Revere Beach was known to be the first public beach of the nation. Lynn was regarded as the symbol of division between the rich resort town and the poor beach.

Demographics of Swampscott MA

Age Distribution

6.1% of the population in Swampscott MA are kids below the age of 5. 16.1% of them are youngsters between the ages of 5 to 17. 6.4% of the individuals fall between the ages of 18 to 24. 10.1% of the residents are between 25 to 34, those falling between the age bracket of 35 to 54 constitute 28.9% of the population, and 13.7% of the people are between the ages of 55 to 64. Those aged 65 and above make up 18.8% of the population.

Educational Attainment

3.8% of the residents in Swampscott MA are currently attending college. 97.4% of them are high school graduates and 57.3% of the individuals are college graduates.

Diversity in Swampscott

Majority of Swampscott’s population is White, coming up to 91.7%. Hispanic or Latino individuals make up 2.5% of the population and Asians come up to 2.2%. 2.1% of the individuals belong to other or two or more races and the Black or African American population is 1.5%.

Real Estate in Swampscott MA: What Do the Numbers Say?

$575K was the median home sold price in Swampscott MA in November of 2021. $599K was recorded as the median listing home price and $335 was noted as the median listing home price per square foot.

Types of Homes

• Single-family homes: 58.7%
• Townhomes: 5.4%
• Small apartment buildings: 21.3%
• Apartment complexes: 13.7%
• Mobile homes: 1%

Home Value by Number of Bedrooms

• No bedroom: 1.1%
• One bedroom: 8.2%
• Two bedrooms: 24.5%
• Three bedrooms: 36%
• Four bedrooms: 23%
• Five or more bedrooms: 7.3%

Getting a Home in Swampscott

Find a Local Agent

Click here to get in touch with real estate agents in Swampscott.

Rentals and Properties in Swampscott

Looking to rent a place in Swampscott? Click here to check out some rentals in the town. Those wishing to buy a home can discover the listings through this link.

Professions of the Residents of Swampscott

Swampscott’s per capita income is $56,405 and the national per capita income is $34,103. While the median household income is $113,407, the national median household income is $62,843. Some of the professions chosen by the residents of Swampscott include:

• Healthcare: 15.9%
• Professionals: 14.6%
• Education: 12.9%
• Accommodation: 7.4%
• Retail: 7.1%
• Finance: 6.1%
• Manufacturing: 5.8%
• Public Service: 5.6%
• Construction: 5.6%
• Other: 3.8%
• Transportation: 3.5%
• Information Technology: 3%
• Real Estate: 2.6%
• Administration: 2.1%
• Wholesale: 2%

Cost of Living in Swampscott

The cost of living in Swampscott MA is 38% higher than the national average and 6% higher than the average in Massachusetts. Transportation happens to be the costliest department in Swampscott MA. This is followed by food, which is then followed by housing and health.

K-12 Schools in Swampscott, MA

Whether you’re looking for public schools or preschools, we can give you all the information you need regarding the best schools in Swampscott MA.

Public Schools

The public schools in Swampscott MA are:

Hadley Elementary School
Stanley Elementary School
Swampscott Middle School
Clarke Elementary School
Swampscott High School


The preschools, daycare options, and childcare options in Swampscott MA are as follows:

Shirat Hayam Preschool
• First Church Nursery School
New Sunrise Preschool
Swampscott Family Child Care

Crime Rate in Swampscott, MA

The crime rate in Swampscott MA is slightly lower when compared to the average US city. Falling in the 59th percentile for safety and having a B- crime grade, 41% of the places in the United States are safer than Swampscott MA. In a given year, the crime rate in Swampscott MA is 23.37 per 1,000 residents.

Commute to and from Swampscott

72.5% of the individuals in Swampscott MA drive their own cars. 7% of them work from home and 12.2% of them make use of mass transit.

Commuter Trains

Swampscott is the MBTA commuter rail station in Swampscott MA. The time it takes to travel from Swampscott MA to Boston MA via a commuter train is about half an hour.

Nearby Airports

The airport located nearest to Swampscott MA is the Boston Logan International Airport, which is located 27 minutes away from the town.

Community Life in Swampscott

The community life in Swampscott MA is prominently visible through the organizations mentioned below:

The Residence at Vinnin Square: The Residence at Vinnin Square is an independent living, memory care, and assisted living facility located in Swampscott MA. The motto of this facility is to ensure that all its senior residents get to enjoy their favorite activities while also having someone to look after their health and needs at all times. They also offer short-term stays to the individuals who wish to experience what the ambience at the facility is like.

The residents opting for independent living at this facility get to enjoy the peace and freedom of spending their days just as they wish to. The gourmet creations prepared by the experienced chefs are a mix of scrumptious as well as healthy meals. The extensive Engagement Program available enables the residents to avail fun activities that help you learn and expand your cultural horizons. Residents can choose from a studio apartment or a one or two-bedroom place equipped with a kitchen, bath, and modern settings.

Employing the four pillars of engagement, their memory care department attempts to connect with the individuals through emotional, social, physical, and cognitive experiences. They aim to improve the quality of life of each resident so that they enrich not only their days but also their bonds with the people around them.

Bertram House of Swampscott: Offering assisted living and memory care services, the Bertram House of Swampscott is an award-winning facility known for the competent customer satisfaction it provides. Located just one block away from Swampscott Harbor, it has a whole separate area dedicated to treating the patients dealing with Alzheimer’s and various other forms of memory loss. Personalized service plans are created for each and every resident so that they can be given the kind of care that’s best suited as per their personal and medical needs.

Swampscott Cultural Council: The aim of the Swampscott Cultural Council or SCC is to fund and promote the community of Swampscott through cultural events. Funded by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Swampscott Cultural Council gives several annual grants to both organizations and individuals. These grants are given in the fields of humanities, arts, and interpretive sciences, and connect individuals across various generations and age groups throughout the town.

Top Attractions to Visit in Swampscott

Preston Beach: Take your kids to Preston Beach for a day of swimming and merriment.

Phillip's Beach: Among the many beaches to enjoy in Swampscott, Phillip's Beach is another one where you can drink in some peace and tranquility with your friends and family.

Fisherman’s Beach: Enjoy swimming and boating at Fisherman’s Beach that also conducts swimming lessons for youngsters.

Places of Worship in Swampscott

The places of worship in Swampscott MA include:

Church of the Holy Name
60 Monument Ave
Swampscott, MA 01907
Contact: (781) 595-1674

St John the Evangelist
174 Humphrey St
Swampscott, MA 01907
Contact: (781) 593-2545

First Church-Swampscott Cong
40 Monument Ave
Swampscott, MA 01907
Contact: (781) 598-3609

Places to Eat in Swampscott

Foodies have various cuisines to enjoy at Swampscott MA. The eateries to try out in Swampscott MA include:

Lincoln's Landing
Gourmet Garden
Cafe Avellino
Volo Craft Pizza
Bertucci's Italian Restaurant
G Bar and Kitchen
Paradiso Ristorante
Yan's China Bistro
Mission on the Bay

Comparison to Neighboring Places

Some of the places located near Swampscott MA are Peabody, Marblehead, and Salem.
Click here to compare Swampscott MA to Peabody MA.
Click here to compare Swampscott MA to Marblehead MA.
Click here to compare Swampscott MA to Salem MA.
Compare all the places together by clicking here.

Is Swampscott a Good Place to Live In?

Swampscott MA is a wonderful town to live in for numerous reasons. Families and individuals can enjoy several outdoor activities in the town during the weekends and even otherwise. The close-knit community provides a warm ambience for every individual and makes them all feel welcome.
The top-rated public schools ensure a good education is imparted to the young minds and the safety factor is an added benefit for one and all. Therefore, if you find yourself thinking, “Is Swampscott a good place to live in?”, the answer is a big yes. To explore more about the best schools in Swampscott MA, neighborhoods in Swampscott MA, and beyond, reach out to us at Nextburb and we will give you just the data and information you require.

FAQs About Swampscott

Q: Does Swampscott MA have a library?
A: Yes, Swampscott MA does have a library known as the Swampscott Public Library.

Q: Is Swampscott MA safe?
A: Yes, Swampscott MA is a relatively safer place to live in. It has a B- crime grade and the crime rate is slightly lower than the average US city.

Q: Is Swampscott MA rich?
A: Swampscott does happen to be an affluent community in Massachusetts.

Q: When was Swampscott High School built?
A: Swampscott High School was built in 1852.

Q: What division is Swampscott football?
A: Swampscott football belongs to Division 5.

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