Find your next place to move

Find your next neighborhood to move

by Team NextBurb 31 December 2020


Is there such a thing as the ideal home in the ideal neighborhood?

One that’s perfectly suited for you, your family, your lifestyle, and your preference?

There is one, and we’ll help you find it. Read more to learn how we do it.

To provide relevant neighborhoods that are the best fit for you and your family, the Nextburb team uses

  • Factual data based on research and past experience of similar families
  • Innovation in technology that helps you start exploring with a variety of preferences – commute, affordability, schools, or any other parameters
  • A personalized recommendation engine that learns more about you

Trying to find the ideal home anywhere in the country can be a barrage of endless choices.

We help cut through all that confusion by making concrete and personalized recommendations to you, based on your lifestyle choices and preferences, of neighborhoods and towns you might like to live in.

Our data-driven platform helps prospective renters and homebuyers conduct targeted and thorough research on neighborhoods and towns before diving into the real estate market, allowing you to make more confident choices.

It's not just your next place to live. Your next place to thrive.

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