Good Areas to Live in New Jersey

Good Areas to Live in New Jersey

by Team NextBurb 2 June 2022

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Good Areas to Live in New Jersey

Located so close to New York City, New Jersey has managed to create a strong identity of its own. Being a potpourri of a robust education system, high safety, thrilling activities, and warm communities, New Jersey truly is the state you should move to if you want a balanced mix of city lights and suburban calmness.

A critical point to note is that the U.S. News & World Report named the public school system in New Jersey as the best in 2021. However, with so many towns and neighborhoods to choose from, how can one even make a well-informed decision? Well, that’s what Nextburb is for. We curate lists based on your specific requirements and help you move to your new neighborhood. Let’s take a look at what some of the good areas to live in New Jersey are:


Known as one of the best places to live in Bergen County, Ridgewood is a bustling suburb that provides its residents with a combination of the quaintness of a small town and the advantages of a big city. With a tight-knit community and a historic ambience, there are peaceful areas in Ridgewood NJ you can head to in order to have a good time with your loved ones. If you’re a bookworm who enjoys author events, Bookends is a popular bookstore in Ridgewood where you will love spending your days.

Ridgewood NJ is ranked as one of the best places to raise a family. With the public schools in Ridgewood NJ being highly ranked, the diversity in Ridgewood NJ is quite decent as well. The village of Ridgewood has a low crime rate, thereby justifying its place as one of the good neighborhoods in NJ.


Think of a picturesque town that almost seems like it stepped out a fairytale; that’s Westfield NJ for you. Enveloped in the charm of a small suburb with a modern lifestyle, this town offers a friendly community for everyone, making it one of the good neighborhoods in NJ. With a competent school system, excellent transportation facilities, Westfield NJ also has a great downtown you can visit for various activities; a downtown that is the recipient of the Great American Main Street award.

Westfield NJ has secured a place among one of the best places you can raise a family in New Jersey, which isn’t surprising owing to its low crime rate and the public schools in Westfield NJ that provide the best education to young minds. The rich historical background of the town is reflected in the beautiful Victorian and Colonial-style homes in Westfield NJ that adorn its streets.


Among the good areas to live in New Jersey, and situated between NYC and Philadelphia, Princeton offers its residents with plenty of leisure activities, eateries, and spots to enjoy a decent nightlife. The median household income in Princeton NJ is $146,127, and the future job growth is predicted to be more than the national average. The education offered at Princeton is extremely substantial, as is evident from the well-rated public schools in Princeton NJ. The diversity in Princeton NJ is very high.

Princeton is home to one of the most famous universities in the country, Princeton University. The dwelling of reputed spots such as the Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton University Chapel, Nassau Hall, and Princeton Public Library, this university is a hub of rich history and culture. Apart from Princeton University, there are plenty other attractions to visit in this town, such as the Morven Museum & Garden, Princeton Battlefield State Park, and Carnegie Lake.

Princeton Junction NJ, which is located in the same county as of Princeton NJ, is yet another one of the good neighborhoods in NJ. Looking for the small town, suburban feel? Princeton Junction NJ is the destination for you. Located just within an hour-long drive from NYC, Philadelphia, and the Jersey Shore, the center of Princeton Junction has everything you would need to lead a peaceful and stress-free life. For nature lovers, the Ronald Rogers Arboretum is the perfect place to visit to feast your eyes on ponds, large oaks, and memorials.

Hailed as one of the best places to buy a house and raise a family in New Jersey, the public schools in Princeton Junction are highly rated. The diversity in Princeton Junction is decently high and the crime rate is low.

Short Hills

A dream for commuters and perfect for the families looking for good schools, Short Hills NJ provides a charming and welcoming community to both its residents and visitors. Having a low crime rate, Short Hills is an extremely safe place for everyone. Featuring not just one, but two downtowns, this suburb houses various outlets for fun and relaxation, including restaurants, drinkeries, and boutiques.

The Mall at Short Hills is one of the best malls you can find in New Jersey that boasts a collection of many luxury brands for all the shopaholics out there. Containing homes of high grandeur surrounded by the beauty of rolling hills, Hobart Ave is where you would want to live if you wish to wake up to the beauty of nature every day. The award-winning Paper Mill Playhouse is a must-visit destination for theater lovers.


A quaint town with picturesque scenery and Georgian architecture, Haddonfield is one of the oldest communities in New Jersey. Looking to experience the history that envelops Haddonfield NJ? Visit the Indian King Tavern Museum, the first historic site in New Jersey, to take in the rich cultural heritage of the borough of Haddonfield.

Downtown Haddonfield, which is reputed for being one of the best downtown shopping destinations in New Jersey, is beautifully decorated with lush greenery along with rows of over 200 restaurants, stores, cafes, and spots for entertainment and art. It is ranked among one of the best suburbs to buy a house in New Jersey and is high in safety with its overall low crime rate, bringing it to our list of one of the good neighborhoods in NJ.


With a vast history associated to its name, Ho-Ho-Kus is a peaceful community for anyone wishing to enhance their quality of life. Having a delightful mix of Cape Cods and Colonials, you can also find Tudor-style architecture in Ho-Ho-Kus. The township falls among the safest places in New Jersey, making it a tremendously secure choice for families. You can also find well-rated public schools in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ. Be sure to visit The Hermitage, which is a Gothic Revival house museum located in the borough of Ho-Ho-Kus.


Providing a quick and easy commute to NYC, Chatham has a downtown area that is both walkable and friendly, lined up with places you’d want to eat at and stores that will grab your attention. The families looking to give the best education to their kids can be rest assured since the public schools in Chatham NJ are some of the best ones in New Jersey.

Ranking relatively high in diversity, Chatham falls in the list of cities rated the highest in terms of safety, making it an extremely safe borough to live in. If you wish to enjoy the many attractions in Chatham NJ, some of the places you can head to would include the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge, Twin Elephant Brewing Company, and The Gravity Vault.


Everyone loves a place that can give them the comfort of a big city with the charm of a small town, right? That’s exactly what Allendale NJ does for its residents. Along with the award-winning public school district in Allendale NJ, the place also offers peaceful neighborhoods that is perfect for everyone, especially families. The element that makes the borough of Allendale even more suitable for families is the low crime rate.

The bustling downtown of Allendale has everything you’d want to make for an exciting weekend. The Celery Farm in Allendale is a nature preserve where you can find more than 240 bird species and the Crestwood Park is the spot where residents can enjoy ice skating, sports activities, and a beach view.

Glen Rock

Glen Rock NJ is a vibrant, tight-knit community where both kids and adults have plenty of activities to enjoy in different arenas. Top-rated schools and an overall low crime rate makes the borough of Glen Rock a very attractive one for families. Every year in June, Glen Rock hosts the Family Fun Fair, giving its people the chance to relish a carnival of thrilling activities. To enjoy the tranquility of nature, head to the Thielke Arboretum, which is a wetland forest containing gardens, nature trails, plants, trees, birds, and animals.

Berkeley Heights

For anyone wishing to be in close proximity to NYC, Berkeley Heights comes as a wonderful option. An active community that has much to offer in terms of events and traditions, the township consistently ranks among one of the best places to live and buy a house in New Jersey, with the diversity in Berkeley Heights, too, being quite high. The top-notch public schools in Berkeley Heights lend yet another reason for families to choose this warm community along with it falling among the highest percentile for safety and having a very low crime rate. The downtown in Berkeley Heights is where you can spend your time feasting on good food and catching up with loved ones.

Mountain Lakes

Natural beauty, picturesque ambience, and historic homes; that’s how Mountain Lakes can be summarized briefly. The Boulevard is a walking path in Mountain Lakes NJ that offers trails for biking, walking, running, and also for people to drink in some moments of peaceful solitude. The combination of highly rated public schools in Mountain Lakes and a low crime rate makes it a great pick for families and one of the good neighborhoods in NJ. Take your kids to the Grace Lord Park and Boonton Historical Society and Museum to gift them a fun weekend.


What makes Summit a good area to live in New Jersey? Well, the answer to that would be an amalgamation of outdoor attractions, recreational facilities, great eateries, and art. The addition of substantial public schools in Summit and a low crime rate are two other crucial factors that makes it a go-to choice for families. Summit NJ is home to one of the oldest community theaters in the country known as the Summit Playhouse. Another popular attraction in the city is the Reeves-Reed Auditorium with its historic gardens and six acres of woodland forest.


A gorgeous suburban community with an excellent school system and wonderful transportation facilities, Greentree serves as an ideal place to move to for young families and among the good areas to live in NJ. The suburb organizes various activities across the year that residents of all ages can participate in, including book signings, movie screenings, and sports events. Coming under the category of places with high safety, the schools in Greentree offer top-notch education to kids.


With Victorian-style houses adorning its streets, Metuchen NJ has managed to maintain its historic charm till date. From prom parties and bustling bazaars to farmers’ markets, downtown Metuchen develops and organizes eclectic events throughout the year. A low crime rate and high diversity make Metuchen NJ one of the good neighborhoods in NJ for anyone to live in.

New Jersey is filled with good neighborhoods and towns that are perfect for everyone to live in. Based on your requirements, there are plenty you can choose from. We at Nextburb understand just how stressful and time-consuming the neighborhood selection and home selection process can be, which is why our team attempts to make it as simplified and convenient for you as possible.

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