Southborough vs Hopkinton: Which is the Best Place to Live

Southborough vs Hopkinton: Which is the Best Place to Live in MA?

by Mohit 30 October 2021

Southborough vs. Hopkinton: Which is the Best Place to Live in Massachusetts?

Southborough vs. Hopkinton: Which is the Best Place to Live in Massachusetts?

Nothing serves better than living in Massachusetts that has innovation ingrained in its young and old people living there. Dubbed as one of the remarkable states in the US, this is a place that you would surely like to call your home.

Living in Massachusetts

A place synonymous with fun facts, Massachusetts enjoys a reputation for introducing to the world the famous Dunkin’ Donuts that redefined taste for the sweet-toothed Americans. The cost of living though a bit higher than the national average holds no significance considering the immense benefits in healthcare infrastructure, employment opportunities, and education available to the people in this state.

  • Employment opportunities: The employment rate and household income of the people living here are higher, which means that Massachusetts is indeed a great place to find high-paying jobs. Some of the top industries have their corporate offices in this state. Apart, community and social services employ a major chunk of the state’s population. So, the state has no dearth of well-paying jobs for both the skilled and the semi-skilled people living here.

  • Safety: Living in Massachusetts is safer, with the state enjoying a higher safety index compared to its surrounding states. Movement from one state to another is relatively easy with the state’s infrastructure being largely fortified with enough bridges and roads. The commuter rail system that runs throughout the state ensures easy travel and connectivity from one place to another sans the inconvenience of having to drive through the incessant traffic.

Some of the best cities to live in the US are based in Massachusetts, with Hopkinton MA continuing to gain attention even in this tough economy. Southborough is another popular name in that mix. So, naturally, the conversation shifts to Hopkinton vs Southborough, which doesn't necessarily have a "right" conclusion. Both the places emerge as an ideal fit based on one's living needs, requirements, and preferences. So, if you're wondering which suburb you should move to, you need to consider a host of different factors. This is what we'll cover now.

Living in Hopkinton MA

Hopkinton, Massachusetts is much acclaimed for it being located as the start point of the famous Boston Marathon.

Listed among the best suburbs in Massachusetts, living in Hopkinton MA offers its residents a rural feel, with most of them having access to their properties.

A quaint lifestyle awaits people willing to shift to this town renowned for its numerous parks and coffee shops.

Dotted with historical monuments that echo the rich heritage of this town, living in Hopkinton, MA lends its people a view of some of the most stunning age-old properties.

A friendly neighborhood is another aspect that drives people to live here.

The community-like attitude of the people living here explains the high quality of life index and low crime rate. More than the aesthetics, the people living in Hopkinton, MA boast of other benefits that they get to enjoy.

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Education facility

Public schools are aplenty with families being able to admit their children for both elementary and higher education. Accessing higher education is not a problem with the town hosting some of America’s best-rated schools and colleges.

Irrespective of which part of Hopkinton, Massachusetts you live in, your children will always have access to some of the best schools to complete their education.

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Family recreation

Spending quality time with family and friends is what we all crave. With concrete and steel infrastructure pervading every aspect of our surrounding environment, living in Hopkinton, MA is a fresh excuse from the city bustle with its many gardens, parks, recreational centers, museums, etc.

You will find numerous country clubs where you can play golf.

The lakes provide a great outing for those who love to dabble in water adventure sports. A bird sanctuary and an archaeological museum are other places where you will find both old and young couples spending their weekends.

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Safety index

Hopkinton, Massachusetts enjoys the reputation of being one of the safest places in the state. Its crime index is 28, which is much lower than the national average. This is one of the reasons why the town is a complete favorite for families looking for a safer neighborhood to raise their kids in.

Check out detailed crime data for Hopkinton MA here

Living in Southborough, MA

A suburb in Worcester County, Southborough MA continues to be one of the most sought-after places in Massachusetts.

With a population numbering in a few thousand alone, Southborough residents benefit from a rural feel, with most residents enjoying the comfort of living in their houses.

Many people explain living in Southborough MA as a convenient option with the town retaining the old-world charm with all its natural beauty intact.

The town is dotted with scenic roads, archaic reservoirs, and open spaces that lend the feel of living in a self-sustained village.

The quality of life coupled with the urban amenities of Massachusetts and the convenience of the country’s most prominent states is another reason why more people are opting to live in Southborough, MA.

Learn more about Southborough in numbers. Check out its recent stats here.

If you are still pondering the idea of shifting to Southborough, the following details may help you decide.

Excellent education

Young couples living in Southborough, MA, benefit from the availability of some of the best schools in the state and easy accessibility to them.

In fact, thanks to excellent public schools and support services for families, Southborough is considered one of the best public school districts in the Boston area.

So, if you have kids, you can rest assured of their quality education, both at the elementary level and higher education. At the best educational institutions, they will have a rewarding learning experience.

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Entertainment value

Southborough has gained precedence over other towns and cities owing to its excellent quality of life amplified by some of the best dining restaurants, entertainment centers, and cultural theaters.

These recreational centers offer all kinds of seasonal programs, including arts, dance, sports, and educational workshops, besides offering after-school programs and half-day summer camps.

Besides, the town also offers youth sports leagues, public playgrounds, tennis courts, and trails for hiking, biking, snow-shoeing, and nature viewing.

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Strong social fabric

The love for the town’s ancient heritage is palpable in its celebrations of traditions, including parades, gatherings, book sales, pumpkin lighting, food and craft courts, and occasional marathon races.

Live entertainment shows and fireworks are common activities for kids, thus, keeping the town’s tradition alive.

Crime alert

The crime and safety index indicates how Southborough continues to be one of the safest towns in America. The town has a crime index of 30, which is lower than the national average.

The tight-knitted communities in the neighborhood further add layers of security. So, if you have a family, you can rest assured about their (and your) safety in Southborough. The town provides you with a safe abode to raise a happy family.

Check out detailed crime data for Southborough MA here

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Hopkinton, MA is similar to the cost of living in Southborough, MA. There’s no substantial difference between the two. Buying a house in Southborough could be marginally less expensive; however, both the towns trade equally in terms of medical costs and other expenses.

The Hopkinton vs Southborough debate is old and constantly raging among young and old couples intent on shifting to other cities in the US or looking for a place to settle down permanently. Young professionals and old couples look for the best places to live in Southborough or Hopkinton, hoping how the best work opportunities and rustic feel will lend them a life that can be described as both enthusiastic and peaceful. Compare both the towns head-to-head and see which one makes the cut for you

Enjoying the best of Massachusetts

Living in Massachusetts has a charm of its own. This is unlike any other state in the US that gives you a rural feel despite the urban amenities.

Whether you choose to live in Hopkinton or Southborough depends on your needs and your idea of the neighborhood.

However, if you are still inclined to learn about the most livable towns in the state, you can use our discovery engine to get more data points.

You can also reach out to us for personalized assistance. We will connect you with local experts who can take you on a tour of the entire town or neighborhood you are interested in buying your property.

In addition to Hopkinton and Southborough, there are several other options as well in MA. Use our neighborhood search engine to discover more places to live in MA.

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