Looking for a Big Home on a Budget: Jen and Her Family Fall

Looking for a Big Home on a Budget: Jen and Her Family Fall in Love with Avon, CT

by Team NextBurb 7 October 2021


Jen and her husband lived in Pittsburgh, but they wanted to explore potential options for moving since they both were working from home. However, they didn’t know exactly where to begin; searching for potential areas on a national level was intimidating, and they weren’t sure how to find out as to which areas would be a good fit.

Jen had specific requirements for their future home. She wanted a diverse and educated community with good schools for her three-year-old daughter. She was looking for a home big enough to have room for her own business and for her parents to eventually move in, which made her look at larger properties around 5,000 square feet. However, her maximum budget was $750K, which limited the areas they could look in.

Jen and her spouse are foodies, and so they knew they wanted to be close to an area with a rich culture and good restaurants. They really liked the feel of the New York metro area where her husband had grown up, but weren’t sure if they could afford a big house in that region.

Nextburb found the top areas that matched Jen’s preferences and connected her and her husband with experienced agents in each location, namely Philadelphia, RTP, the DC/Virginia metro, and also the areas near Hartford, Connecticut.

The couple started their search in Philadelphia, where their agent showed them around the King of Prussia area, but they didn’t quite like the urban environment. They also toured the DC/Virginia suburb, but weren’t able to find a home they could afford.

The Hartford area was the one that ultimately won the hearts of the couple, but they were concerned about finding a home within their budget. Nextburb found Avon, a suburb of Hartford with a few potential properties, and connected Jen with a local expert who had lived in Avon for seven years.

For Jen, the connection with a local expert gave her insight that she never would have been able to find out otherwise. She got to ask questions about the community, schools, activities, and sports, while also being able to discover what it would be like to live in the area day after day.

With insightful on-the-ground information from their local expert, Jen and her husband decided that Avon would not only be a great place to live in, but also ideal for raising their daughter and eventually living with Jen’s parents. From there, they were able to start their home search with several potential properties in mind with the confidence that they had found the perfect neighborhood as per their needs and requirements.

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