Take This Fun Quiz to Identify Your New City Before You Move

by saylee 27 March 2021

Moving Guide

Fun questions that will help you identify the city to move to based on your lifestyle. For the right neighborhoods in the city, come to NextBurb.

This quiz, right here, will tell you which city you should relocate to.

Open a notepad and write down all your answers. It’ll be fun. we promise.

Disclaimer: This quiz is just for fun. It won’t give you accurate answers. For best advice, we strongly recommend speaking to the experts at NextBurb.

If you answered mostly with A’s, your ideal city to live in would be New York, SFO, Boston or LA.

If you answered mostly with B’s, your ideal city to live in would be Seattle, Denver, Phoenix or Las Vegas.

The quiz was fun, wasn’t it? We hope this was accurate, too.

Now, we know you won’t, but don’t make the mistake of moving to a new city solely based on this quiz results.

Or even worse, after taking advice from random strangers on the internet.

For the best suggestions, we strongly recommend...

Take the help of Expert Advisors at NextBurb to discover neighborhood gems that no one else can find.

If you’re, at all, thinking about moving, head over to NextBurb and get in touch with us RIGHT NOW.

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