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Find your heaven, called home.

Find your heaven,
called home.

Live the happy, peaceful life you’ve always dreamed of.

Find your heaven, called home.

Move To A Place That Vibes Well, Feels Good.

Life is kind. Your relationship is perfect. Your career is great. WFH is a boon.

You pine for a decent place, some peace and quiet. More time with loved ones. The cheer of kindred spirits. The warmth of your own home.

With the new normal and WFH benefits, the perfect time to take the plunge is now.

Explore neighborhoods that fit you like a glove. Find a heaven you can call your home.

Get some expert tips that will help you decide on your new home at your pace.

Introducing NextBurb’s Exclusive Concierge Service

5 simple steps to plan your neighborhood search. Powered by a revolutionary search engine.


Tell Us What You Want
Include details on: how you commute, your budget for a home, nearby amenities, school preferences, interests, important locations you frequent, etc. Try It For Free


NextBurb Cherry-picks Your Neighborhood
Imagine Expert Advisors analyzing results from scores of locations in our proprietary discovery engine, unearthing 3-4 gems, and explaining why these are your best choices. Try It For Free


Connect with Local Experts
Think of pre-vetted, local community experts. Hand-picked Agents with years of experience in guiding home buyers just like you. Try It For Free


Scout Places, Taste The Life
Visualize our Local Experts walking you through neighborhoods, sharing first-hand insights and stories, and showing you homes for sale with zero pressure. Try It For Free


Move Into Your Dream Place
Explore more places if you are not happy with the initial set. Select your neighborhood with diligence. Delight in kinship. Live happily. Try It For Free

Buying a new  soon?

4 Grief-Free Reasons To Try NextBurb's Concierge Service

Verify your research with Expert Advisors
Get reliable data-driven insights before you finalize your neighborhood and buy your dream home.

Stop wasting months on drive-you-mad DIY research
Get data scientist driven research on towns. Customize it to your needs.

Explore places that match your lifestyle
Don’t miss out on neighborhood gems that could serve you better and save you money.

Don't bang your head with traditional agents
Our Trusted Advisors will unearth the right communities for you. Local experts will help you with dream homes.

Buying a new  soon?


  • How And Why Are Nextburb’s Services Free?

    In a typical home transaction, the seller pays all the commissions.

    The seller decides on the amount and how that commission is split.

    When a client buys a home through Nextburb partner agent, they share part of the commission with us. 

    This allows us to offer a great service for FREE to our clients.

    Now, for your understanding, let’s take an example of how this plays out.

    1. Let’s say a seller hires his/her own seller’s agent
    2. The seller agrees to a commission which will be paid to the listing agent when the deal closes. 
    3. Now, this seller’s agent spreads the word in his/her network of buyer’s agents, and decides how to split the commission he/she receives with the buyer's agent. NextBurb’s partner agents are part of such buyer agent networks. 
    4. When a client buys a home through NextBurb, our partner agent shares part of the commission with Nextburb. This is how we monetize this business.

    You, the buyer, do not shell out a single penny for this service. 

    If you work directly with the seller’s agent won’t save you anything.

    In the absence of a buyer’s agent the full-commission of the transaction goes to the seller’s agent. 

    Given this, it is always advisable to have a buyer's agent to safeguard your interests.

  • When Is the Right Time For the Concierge Service?

    The Concierge Service is ideal for families with the following criteria:
    You wish to buy a 3+ bed single family home anywhere in the US.

    1. You are in a hurry, with no time for research, or have done some research and wish to verify it with data experts. 
    2. You have a fast approaching deadline for moving. You must move soon.
    3. You are keen to explore neighborhood options and get the fit right for your family - this decision is a big deal, after all.
    4. You want to avoid regrets of moving just because you get a good home deal.  What you don’t see are mismatched lifestyles or the right fit with the community.
    5. You wish to avoid multiple moves when shifting to a new city.  With NextBurb, you relocate only once and go straight to your dream home.

    Unsure about moving, right now?

    Do check out our Resources to start your neighborhood research on the right note.

  • How Is Nextburb Different From A Typical Real Estate Firm?

    To begin with, we work only with buyers.

    Unlike real estate agents, we do not have any specific sales targets or any home inventory to push. 

    1. Our priority is to help you find a neighborhood you’ll love, one that fits your interests and profile the best
    2. We have Advisors who recommend neighborhoods based on your unique preferences. 
    3. We will then connect you with experienced agents, vetted by NextBurb, in the chosen neighborhoods.
    4. The agents will arrange tours and share rich insights and stories about the locality. Plus show you the homes for sale. 
    5. You then determine the right neighborhood fit before you decide to buy your new home. No pressure.
  • What if I already know the neighborhood to move to?

    Most people have a good idea on where they want to move. That is fine.

    You will still find Next Burb’s services useful for 2 reasons. 

    1. We will verify your assumptions and check if there is an even better match for you
    2. We will match you with the right agent who will guide you on your dream home search in the ideal neighborhood
  • Do You Have Your Own Real Estate Agents?

    No. We don’t have our own real estate agents. 

    However, we have sifted through thousands of agents and cherry-picked the ones that we believe would be helpful for young families like yours.

    These are not your typical agents who are biased, pushy, and intent on just selling homes at any cost.

    Most of our agents have 10+ years of experience. 

    Agents on our Network are also local experts who will answer your questions, share insights on the neighborhood, and show you the homes for sale.

    All without hustling you.

  • What If I Already Have My Own Agent?

    If you are happy with your agent, please work directly with them. 

    If you are not satisfied with the neighborhoods your agent covers or their service, please do contact us.

    4 reasons to choose NextBurb's Agent Newtork

    1. We have sifted through hundreds of agents and partnered with just a few
    2. These agents are experienced as well as experts in their neighborhood
    3. They step into the picture after you select the ideal neighborhood, not before
    4. These agents are trained to give you an town experience that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. 

    We would be happy to match you to the right neighborhood and an agent right for that neighborhood.

  • What If I Don’t Like The Local Agent Assigned To Me?

    Some families don’t get along with the agent. We understand and respect that.

    We take your feedback seriously and are happy to change the agent at your request.

    We are committed to finding you a great match for your home buying journey.

    We will re-match you to another agent that best suits your personality. 

    We believe that having the right agent is important to make your home search more stress-free and fruitful. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for an agent re-match.

  • What If I Don’t Like The Neighborhood I Have Shortlisted?

    After a first look at the neighborhood, you may want to review your shortlist of neighborhoods.

    Neighborhood searches can get iterative sometimes. We respect that.

    We’re always happy to receive your feedback and re-adjust our search for you until you find the right neighborhood. Promise.

    This process will help us give you better recommendations..  

    Feel free to contact our Expert Advisor to identify and shortlist new neighborhoods. 

    We are committed to finding your neighborhood and your new home.


NextBurb's Concierge Service Is FREE

Take your first-step towards a happy, regret-free life.

Plan to buy a 3+ bed single family home using a neighborhood-first approach, in the next 3-6 months?

NextBurb's Concierge Service is perfect for you.

Just 5 steps to finding your perfect home in an ideal neighborhood

  1. Discuss your home choices with a Trusted Advisor
  2. Get customised neighborhood advice based on verified data
  3. Choose 3 burbs that fit your lifestyle
  4. Experience the burbs with zero-hustle local experts
  5. Buy your dream home and live happily ever after