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Meet NextBurb’s Revolutionary Neighborhood Search Engine

4 Big Features Of Our Discovery Engine

That Speeds Up Your Neighborhood Selection & Joy


Define your commute preference to a work location. Add other key places you frequent. Rent or buy homes in neighborhoods that match your budgets, have public schools and fit your lifestyle.


Guided Research
Get details of neighborhoods and cities, pulled from hundreds of verified data sources and then artfully mined into graspable information, reinforced with analysis from Trusted Experts.


Verify Location
A supermarket? A good school in the area? An airport? A nearby park for your kids to play in? A yoga or recreational center that your spouse wants to try? Public transit options?


Accelerate Search
Get instant recommendations compared to weeks spent in manual search. That simply means that our engine lends wings to your relocation decisions. Move confidently and without regret.

Meet NextBurb’s Revolutionary Neighborhood Search Engine

Get Unbiased Neighborhood Information

NextBurb’s Discovery Engine is powered by data from multiple, trusted sources.

This data is tested and vetted for integrity. Add regular updates, often in real time.

The result is that you get accurate, instant, data-driven neighborhood choices. Not mere opinions.

It also means that you can settle quickly, without regrets, into your favorite neighborhood.