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Your next place to live is waiting for you

Find your next place to live - NextBurb
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Your next place to live is waiting for you

Find your next place to live - NextBurb

Best Places to Live in Seattle for Families

If you want to know where to live in Seattle with your family, you must first learn the details of some of the best places there. Looking for a place to shift in and live with family can be an overwhelming experience, if not unnerving. Seattle is a place that allows you to stay close to nature while diving deep into America’s large technology space. With many people employed in Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in its metropolitan area and other big tech giants, job opportunities in the city are ample and adequate.

Best neighborhoods in Seattle for families

Seattle is the perfect place for families to settle down, especially, those looking to escape their cramped city neighborhoods. Washington’s largest city Seattle is the hotbed of American culture with the country’s maximum number of nightclubs spread across various streets. The metropolis breathes in city life despite being surrounded by some of nature’s bounty including seas, mountains and evergreen forests. Some of the best places for your family in Seattle include:

  • Fremont
  • Belltown
  • Downtown
  • Pioneer Square
  • Magnolia

(Note that there are many other great neighborhoods in Seattle. Which one is “ideal” or “best” for you depends on your distinct needs and requirements.)

Rightly called the “a city of neighborhoods” by a former Seattle mayor, this city has everything that you can ask for. This city has plentiful schools and colleges for your wards to complete their formal education. Job opportunities are galore with some of the world’s top companies setting up their headquarters and branch offices here. The city’s medical infrastructure is second to none as it caters to all while ensuring the best possible and most affordable treatment for all diseases.

Safest neighborhoods

Safety is a major concern while searching for a new house. With crime ratings having hit the roof in many cities, it makes sense to choose a neighborhood with minimal records of thefts and crimes. The sanity of mind is essential to living peacefully, and hence, you must be ensured of the safety of walking on the streets or sidewalks or your children playing in the neighborhood. Seattle has one of the lowest crime ratios, which makes it the perfect choice for families. It is one of the key reasons why the city is held in high regard among many.

Picture perfect for families

The city allows easy access to visiting parks, kids’ museums, walkable streets, and grocery/vegetable marts in every neighborhood. Children have much to look forward to while the adults can have their share of fun in clubs and jazz restaurants. With its inherent values and lifestyle, Seattle is a much sought-after destination for both young adults and elderly people.

Discover neighborhoods on NextBurb and find your answer to where to live in the Seattle area with your family. Check all the relevant information per your needs. We have sorted the neighborhoods based on different categories, from crime rate to schools and more. You can also compare different places head-to-head and see which one emerges better. If you need further assistance and personalized recommendations, as well as more data points to make an efficient decision, you can try our free neighborhood concierge service. Find the best places for a family in Seattle to live in and enjoy a better life.