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About Mason Town

In 2018, Mason town, WI had a population of 347 people with a median age of 56.5 and a median household income of $88,235. Mason Town is a neighborhood of Mason in Bayfield County. The median property value in Mason Town, WI is $279,200 and the homeownership rate is 82%.
$210,000Median Home Value
$231,000 National
$999Median Rent
$1,500 National
4 /10 - 8 /10
School Rating
1 hr 21 mins To Duluth, MN, usa

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Mason Town's population is made up of 66% married, 23% single, 6% divorced and 4% widowed. Baby Boomers make up the largest percentage of the population at 56%, while Millennials have the second largest segment at 14%. Homeowners make up 82% of the population in Mason Town.

327,000,000 National
9Population Density
  • 53% Male
  • 47% Female
56 Median Age
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The Per Capita income in Mason Town is $34,534. The Median Household Income is $88,235 and the Mason Town Unemployment Rate is 2%.

$34,534Income Per Capita
$63,690 National
$88,235Median Household Income
$68,703 National
16% Poverty Rate
10% National
2% Unemployment Rate
4% National
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Area Type
$210,000Median Home Value
$999Median Rent
2Average Household Size

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Home Owners
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4 /10 - 8 /10
School Rating
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Top Schools in Mason Town

Drummond Area School District
52440 Eastern Avenue, Drummond, WI, 54832
                                            <div class=
PK, K-6
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