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About Springfield

Springfield is a suburb in the Winchester Metro Area and in the Hampshire County. It has a population of 411 and a population density of 306, which is 69% above the national average. It has a median age of 34, which is 7 years below the Winchester Metro median age and 5 years below the national average.

Springfield has a median home value of $168,200, which is 52% below the Metro average.The average rent of $1,249 is 22% below the metro average rent and 40% below the national average rent. The average household income in Springfield is $34,853 , which is 58% below the Metro average household income and 53% below the national average of household income.

The average school rating in Springfield is 6., making it one of the best places to raise a family in Winchester.

$168,200Median Home Value
$347,904 Winchester Metro Area
$1,249Median Rent
$1,600 Winchester Metro Area
1 /10 - 7 /10
School Rating
60 mins To Winchester Metro Area
29 mins Average Travel Time To Work

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Springfield's population is made up of 59% married, 25% single, divorced and 16% widowed. Baby Boomers make up the largest percentage of the population at 12%, while Millennials have the second largest segment at 7%. Homeowners make up 81% of the population in Springfield.

145,300 Winchester Metro Area
306Population Density
  • 38% Male
  • 62% Female
34 Median Age
41 Winchester Metro Area
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The Per Capita income in Springfield is $15,992. The Median Household Income is $34,853

$15,992Income Per Capita
$38,540 Winchester Metro Area
$34,853Median Household Income
$82,028 Winchester Metro Area
4% Poverty Rate
12% Winchester Metro Area
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Amenities in Springfield
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Area Type
$168,200Median Home Value
$347,904 Winchester Metro Area
$1,249Median Rent
$1,600 Winchester Metro Area
2Average Household Size
2 Winchester Metro Area

Occupancy Type

Home Owners
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1 /10 - 7 /10
School Rating
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Top Schools in Springfield

Hampshire County Schools School District
43 Education Lane, Springfield, WV, 26763
                                            <div class=
PK, K-5
Hampshire County Schools School District
Hc 63 Box 1970, Romney, WV, 26757
PK, K-12
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60 mins
Winchester Metro Area
29 mins Average Travel Time To Work
Commute To
Dulles International Airport
2 hr 17 mins
Sully, VA
2 hr 11 mins
Allegany College of Maryland
32 mins
Pennsylvania State University Mont Alto
2 hr 9 mins
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