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About Zip Code 43762

43762 is a zip code in the Ohio State. It has a population of 5,769 and a population density of 79, which is 15% below the national average.

Zip code 43762 has a median home value of $165,400. The average rent of $817 is 20% below the national average rent. The average household income in zip code 43762 is $63,854 , which is 2% above the national average of household income.

Metro Area
$165,400Median Home Value
$231,000 National
$817Median Rent
$1,500 National
6 /10 - 7 /10
School Rating
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Towns of Zip Code 43762

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Cost of Living
Metro Area
National Cost of Living Index is 100 where if the Cost of living is 90 its lower than US Average and if the Cost of Living is 150 its higher than US Average
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Goods and Services
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Today’s Weather
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Weather Highlights
Summers: July high temperature is around 80°F
Winters: January low temperature is around 41°F
Rains: Gets Average 17 Inches of rains every year
Snow: Palo Alto doesn’t get snow

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