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The story of NextBurb

A giant leap for neighborhood discovery.

A small step from corporate relocation.

The story of NextBurb

A Move To SFO That Was Aborted...

Nitesh Mehrotra at Cisco Systems was asked to relocate from Boston to the SF Bay Area.

This was when Nitesh realized that while there were a lot of solutions for finding a home, there was nothing to find the right neighborhood.

A new solution for relocation...
Though Nitesh did not move, he built a tech solution that he would use himself if he moved.

The early adopters of the solution were tech companies into corporate relocation.

Since Covid struck us in March 2020, the context for relocation has altered completely.

Relocation acquires a new flavor

People have started relocating to enjoy the benefits of WFH.  

Moving to a quieter, more spacious neighborhood, striking a better work-life balance, being closer to the family and embracing a more affordable life.

That’s when we learned that people could benefit immensely from our expertise in corporate relocations. 

The story of NextBurb
The story of NextBurb

NextBurb was thus born...

NextBurb is a Neighborhood Discovery Service that runs on a revolutionary search engine. It uses Expert Advisors to pull out neighborhood gems, layered with insights, from this engine.

The Neighborhood Search Engine is a unique technology that pulls data from multiple, verified sources and makes it meaningful.

NexBurb’s Expert Advisors use this uniquely assembled information to add more observations. The result is that you find neighborhood gems that others simply can’t.

Introducing NextBurb’s Exclusive Concierge Service

5 simple steps to plan your neighborhood search. Powered by a revolutionary search engine.


Tell Us What You Want
Include details on: how you commute, your budget for a home, nearby amenities, school preferences, interests, important locations you frequent, etc.


NextBurb Cherry-picks Your Neighborhoods
Imagine Expert Advisors analyzing results from scores of locations in our proprietary discovery engine, unearthing 3-4 gems, and explaining why these are your best choices.


Connect with Local Experts
Think of pre-vetted, local community experts. Hand-picked Agents with years of experience in guiding home buyers just like you.


Scout Places, Taste The Life
Visualize our Local Experts walking you through neighborhoods, sharing first-hand insights and stories, showing you homes for sale, with zero pressure.


Move Into Your Dream Place
Explore more places if you are not happy with the initial set. Select your neighborhood with diligence. Delight in kinship. Live happily.

Buying a new  soon?

Meet the NextBurb Leadership Team

Nitesh Mehotra, Co-Founder, CEO

SixWallz, the parent company of NextBurb, was born out of personal experience when Nitesh was asked to relocate with his family to SF Bay Area.

Prior to founding SixWallz, Nitesh worked at Cisco Systems, where he managed mission-critical software products in security, mobile, and cloud.

He has an MBA from Babson College, and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Nitesh has visited more than 20 countries, live in 5 US states, and moved 10 times in 10 years (before buying his current home). He has worked remotely for last 15 years and understands the challenges and opportunities related to working from home.

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Prashant Sachdev, Co-Founder

From device software to web, cloud, and mobile applications, Prashant packs expertise in varied verticals. 

His focus is on B2B SaaS & Enterprise products.

He has worked with technology based start-ups based in the US (Bay Area, Boston, NY) and India (Pune and Mumbai).

Prashant has lived in several cities in the US for two decades. He drove from Boston to SF in 2008, after his MBA from Babson College.

His long-term goal is to promote entrepreneurship amongst youth and primary education to solve the digital divide problem.

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