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Join NextBurb's Trusted Advisor Network

Join NextBurb’s Trusted Advisor Network

Help Customers Find Places That Match Their Lifestyles

Ready for a Trusted Advisor's Role at NextBurb?

You are:

  1. A people’s person, with deep knowledge of local areas, in or outside of real estate
  2. Happy to advise customers on their home buying journey and share local insights without bias
  3. Tech and numbers savvy. Delighted to filter through 100s of search results from our discovery engine, analyze and recommend the right ones to customers.
  4. Patient with questions and focussed on delivering quality solutions to customers
  5. Driven by your internal compass to do the right thing for the customer at all times

What Do You Do Next?

  1. Simply write to us with your intent
  2. We will review your application and hold an initial discovery call with you
  3. If selected, we will work out the training schedule and give you access to our engine
  4. Handle customer enquiries that are relevant to your area of expertise